Cave des Grands Crus Blancs

Grand Vin de Bourgogne Pouilly-Fuisse Chardonnay 2008

A touch musty, with lemon and tangerine below. Lemon verbena, citrus pith pudding and dried limestone make this steely, coconut and charcoal dust sea wind take on interesting tastes. Like an ocean-soaked lime-in-brine over driftwood. Additional smells of lychee and ginkgo emerge with added depth and dried bamboo scents. The palate has sprouted green olive and caper notes. Still alive and staying there. #pouillyfuissé
#bourgogneblanc #whiteburgundy #chardonayday #fuissé #blancshavemorefun
— 2 years ago

Maison Champy (Domaine Champy)

Viré-Clessé Chardonnay

Glad I saved one of these! This thing blossomed amazingly! Butter and soft boiled eggs, marigold, brioche, apricot, lemon curd and chicken bone with a nearly translucent pineapple hint to the aromas. A smoky and austere entry last year has acquiesced to briny lemon, hazelnut oil, caperberry, sesame and flint, with a resonance bordering on chalky sunflower. Stunning. Should have saved more! #Champy #whiteburgundy #bourgogneblanc #burgundy #bougogne #chardonnayfromthebestplaceonearth #chardonnay #chardon #blancshavemorefun #blanche #viréclessé — 2 years ago

Domaine Moutard-Diligent

Chablis Chardonnay 2016

Lemon oil on a swab, smoky flint, underripe melon, squash blossom, corn husk bordering on jalapeño muffin, hay bale, eggshell, pie crust and white mushrooms are the primary scents. Lighter mouthfeel, with an unexpected creaminess turns olive oil with lemon oil, caperberry, and rag paper. Austerity minimized by a day of age. #moutard #chablis #chablisfordays #blancshavemorefun #blanc #chablisian #hashtag #vivelafrance — 2 years ago

Patrice Colin

Pierre à Feu Coteaux du Vendômois Chenin Blanc 2011

Mr Mac

7.3?? Have a drink and chill the front door you uptight sugar junkies. A-typical, SHARP, fuller. #blancshavemorefun — 5 years ago