A-peel-ing Ciders and Incredib-Ale Beers for the Fall

The time has come. The days are getting shorter, the evenings are getting cooler, and pumpkin/apple/maple snacks can be found anywhere you look. For those who have already decorated their apartment and have 10,000 ideas for their Halloween costume, Happy Fall! For those who are lamenting summer’s end and the impending cold weather, we are very sorry, but maybe a nice cider will make it better? While hard cider is often enjoyed by many year-round, it takes center stage as the leaves begin to turn. Hard cider has a reputation of being a "sweet" beverage, cast aside as simple and low-quality. However, in recent years, cider has seen a bit of a renaissance. People now understand the wide spectrum of flavors and sugar levels available, and also of the various techniques, both traditional and modern, used to create this delicious drink. Hard cider demands that cidermakers care for their apple trees as thoroughly as winemakers care for their vines, with changes in weather patterns and pests as major concerns. Many cidermakers work closely with local apple producers where there is a mutual benefit for each. Considering apples used in cider do not need to look beautiful, only taste good, cidermakers are able to take the less beautiful, damaged apples that might otherwise be thrown out and can instead turn them into cider. Ciders have been taken to such a level that you don’t need a reason to enjoy one and have the added benefit of being gluten-free, unlike most beers. The fruitiness of ciders makes them versatile pairing partners for a wide range of dishes and flavors. Cider pairs especially well with savory meats and cheese, as well as fruity and sweet desserts. For our Delectable users who prefer beer over cider, no worries! You can still drink on theme with all the pumpkin ales and stouts available. Choose your fighter (er, cider?) and enjoy!

Malus Mama

Apple Cider 2012

Delicious — 2 years ago

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales

La Roja Grand Reserve Artisan Amber Ale

Utterly fantastic. — 5 years ago

Vanessa McCaffrey
with Vanessa
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ACE Cider Company

ACE Perry Hard Cider

Nice food pairing when you want some residual sweetness and acid to cut through intense flavors. Reminds me of Asti: low complexity but big on smiles. Home town goodness. — 8 years ago

Ashley Grech
with Ashley
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Russell Brewing Company

Happy Jack Pumpkin Ale

Happy Jack🎃 is a wonderfully balanced pumpkin ale with hints of oak and spice. Brewed with real pumpkin, whole spices and oak aged.

•5.5% ABV• November 1, 2021
— 2 years ago

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Sharon B

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Yum! 🎃🍺
Sharon B

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You made the Friday feature page!!


@Sharon B Cool! Thanks for telling me!🎃

Citizen Cider

Unified Press Hard Cider

Certainly not dry but clean and crisp leaving no lingering sweetness in the tongue. Quite simple, all apples but the finish is Granny Smith skin. Wonderfully refreshing. — 7 years ago

Eric Bordelet

Sidre Tendre

A bit overly sweet, but was brought as a pairing experiment. — 2 years ago

James GPeter C
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Eden Ice Cider Co.

Heirloom Blend Cider

Carmel nutmeg and excellent tart apple. Fall in a glass — 7 years ago

Janna Burke
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