Vrhunsko, Slovenia


Pinot Grigio

This is an excellent wine from Štrjeraska, Slovenia with a really interesting take on the Pinot Grigio varietal. This is a skin contact white wine that almost appears amber. It is fruit forward with a well-balanced acidity. It tastes of strongly of honeydew with a bit of strawberry. It’s easy to drink and great to share. — 20 days ago


Renski Rizling

Slovenian Riesling; intense, roof of the mouth, curl your ears, acidity; a playful nose with memorable white flowers and a slight pastry element. Flavors are eclipsed by a bracing, mineral, grapefruit pith, citrus peel, bitterness. I wonder if this could stand some age?
— 15 days ago

Vinogradi Fon

Selezione Kras Malvasia

I’m not generally a white wine drinker, but damn this is excellent! Smooth. Complex for a white. — 2 days ago


Bajta Rosé Blend 2019

Wow! Never tasted a wine with this profile. Lots of wild berries and grapefruit character with strong notes of rosemary, thyme, and grass. Would've thought this was a wild yeast beer or kombucha if I didn't know this was a wine. I recommend this to all to see the range wine can have. So lovely, surprising, and Refreshing. — 20 days ago


Sivi Pinot

This has the umami, saline, stone fruit skin, tea leaf qualities I love in skin contact pinot gris, just dialed down a bit and perfectly refreshing. Daily drinker for sure!
— 9 days ago

Mark Steyer

Cuvée Tajerska White Blend 2015

It’s such a pallet pleasing white bland. It’s dry, with aroma of quince and rose petal with a dash of lemon zest and thyme, just enough to make it not too sweet on the nose. Drinking while being extremely anxious and uncertain about future. It might help 🤷🏻‍♀️ — 21 days ago


Gasper Selekcija Rebula 2016

Apricot, rose on the nose. Very nice. — 5 days ago


Pinot Noir 2017

Very light but tasty Pinot. Peppery. — 13 days ago

Ptujska Klet

Pullus Sauvignon Blanc 2018


Orange in color is nice, it is mineraly and not overly sweet. Great with cheese or fish — a month ago


Blaufrankisch 2013

Delicious. Bold. A bit spicy. — 25 days ago