Uppercut Wine

Attis Bodegas y Vinedos

Sitta Laranxa Orange Wine 2015

Айва, апельсин, цукаты, можжевельник. Приятно, несложно. Подышав становится интересней. — 3 days ago

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Release Winery

Multi Vintage Rose Wine

The next one I will decant as directed by Henrik. — 8 days ago

Jason CutrerGunja GargeshwariRina Kolotinsky
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Eric S

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Just tried- I can’t either.
Bill Bender

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I was able to do it @Norman Gennaro
Norman Gennaro

Norman Gennaro

Thanks @Bill Bender. Need to do one of these events with you in attendance!

Laz Wine

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

15' Laz Cabernet. Primarily Cabernet . I think just a touch of Merlot and cab Franc? — 6 days ago

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Rob Sternthal

Rob Sternthal

KLaz is an awesome person. Great little tasting shop as well.

Realm Cellars

The Bard Red Wine 2015

Just picked up from FedEx on the way home tonight, couldn’t wait till tomorrow,
Pulled the cork on the 12,13 & 14 all off the truck so why break tradition, great nose.
Bigger than the 14 which was a disappointment compared to the 12 & 13.
This could easily pull a 96-99 from parker.
@David T you’re going to love this in 10 years when you try it, keep your review under 1,000 words please.
2014 was only a 95 pointer
— a day ago

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David T

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I will try but I never learned to count. I always get stuck after 3. 1, 2,3....????
David T

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When you get to my age and hold wine as long as I do, you start to think, should I even buy anymore wine? Should I stop buying Bordeaux? Or, at the very least, buy everything going forward in 375ml. 🤔

R. Parr & S Moorman

Salem Wine Co. Gamay 2014

Grapes sourced from OR, volcanic soil, carbonic maceration, 100% whole cluster grapes, 10 months in neutral oak. Fluerie inspired but far more masculine.

Aromas of potting soil and slight mineralogy, tart cherry and raspberry, mushroom, florals. Clean. Complex. With time the fruit/brightness becomes less pronounced, more balanced. Low tannin. Low sugar. Light body.

One of Adam's picks.
— 2 days ago

Bevan Cellars

Ontogeny Oakville Red Wine 2014

This wine always makes me happy! I think it might be my last bottle of the 2014. Good thing the 2015 will be arriving soon! — 16 days ago

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Paul Treadway Huntington Beacher

Paul Treadway Huntington Beacher

Picked up a mag of the 14 when they sent out that special email last month, love that 14!

Relic Wines

Ritual Red Wine 2013

This wine is so consistent vintage after vintage and has never disappointed. An incredible Cali take on Rhône varietals, this has incredible fruit - raspberry dominates with spice notes on the finish. It’s not as heavy as many Mourvèdre dominated blends. I will buy this wine every year it’s so enjoyable. — 10 hours ago

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Bayshore Vintners

White Wine 2016

I really like this one! Very well balanced with a little sweetness. The wife says she notes pear, and I agree. Enjoy! — 14 days ago

Bedrock Wine Co.

Pagani Ranch Heritage Red Blend 2015

Do yourself a favor and follow Esther Mobley on Twitter. She’s the Wine, Beer & Spirits writer for the San Francisco Chronicle and her reporting on the wine country fires is extraordinary... “1880s vines at Old Hill Ranch in Sonoma Valley. Gone” (photo credit to her also).
I had to open the 2015 Bedrock Pagani Ranch Heritage from Morgan Twain-Peterson MW (pictured right) which is also from 1880s vines and just a few miles north of the Old Hill Ranch along Sonoma Highway. It had me immediately saying prayers that the Pagani Ranch would be spared — it’s stunningly pure and absolutely glorious... think choirs of angels. As if a top Châteauneuf-du-Pape producer, like Janasse or Clos Saint Jean, traded their 100+ year old Grenache for 100+ year old Zinfandel. Giant, but radiant red fruit that has a kirsch and violet edge to it. Add in some dense blackberry to a base of rich minerality and this soars into a cloud of herbs and spices including Herbes de Provence, adding baking spice, licorice, and wildflowers along the way, with some secondary cured meat and cracked pepper which gives this the depth and complexity it deserves. Beautiful.
— 9 days ago

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Sean Herriott

Sean Herriott

Fantastic notes! @Isaac Pirolo
Isaac Pirolo

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@Kim Stanbro tell me when and where and I’ll bring my shovel and hard hat... but my lunch pail will only have wine.
Isaac Pirolo

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@Sean Herriott @Anthony De Blasi Thanks guys. Hoping this is over soon.