Uppercut Wine

Oakville Grocery

Napa Valley Red Wine 2012

Oakville Grocery has some of the most unexpectedly great wines. From this red Bordeaux blend to the Sauvignon Blanc and chard, all are better than winners... highly recommended by this humble oenophile! A beautiful restrained fruit forward cab typical of the Best NAPA cabs floods the pallet followed by all the notes of supple leather tobacco and even cacao. A fantastic buy under $25 from Last Bottle! — 15 hours ago

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Bear Flag Wine

Sonoma County Zinfandel 2015

I like this a bunch. Disclaimer it arrived at my doorstep uncalled for but so does a bunch of stuff and I don’t bother reviewing. But I love Zin. And even though of late I find myself in the mood for lighter things this full guy, which is pretty hearty, is up my alley. Maybe I should just go WSET/Court Masters (which almost became Court Manatees via autocorrect) to analyze so let us go: to my eye: clear, medium plus ruby with thick enthusiastic (I’d say) tears. Nose: clean, medium intensity aged plums, blueberries and blackberries and some yum yum raisins. Some vanilla. Developing. In my maw: dry, medium acid and medium tannins, alcohol is possibly more than medium plus (double checked it is 15.3 which is over medium plus technically but fuck the juiciness and acid make it mellow), body is medium plus—a bit plush in a bit totally balanced way for me..flavor intensity is medium plus. Actual flavors are all has so much JAMMY raisins, dried cherries, plums and blackberries, tobacco, vanilla, and a whiff of clove. Finish? Actually allllllmost like really full or maybe actually medium plus or... intense? But I’m not sure if that is just that alcohol level burning. Anyway this is a full slightly rough wine. It has lots of stuff I like but it is not quite balanced but I’d get it for a night of sipping for a good value! I wouldn’t review if I didn’t think it was at least gulpable but also appreciable. Get it for a full wine to fill you up. — 12 days ago

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David L

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I like it
Bill Bender

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Ellen is fun as F
Ellen Clifford

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@Bill Bender well I try but who knows I could be boring in person...but I try for the fun. Mostly I sip everything I can from burgundy glasses but...also I enjoy bottle chugging...

Viña Siegel

Reserva 1234 Red Wine 2016

Really great, super value, fruity on the nose, smoky and a bit green pepper. Good juiciness, full mouth with a good balanced tannins. Not too big, but would stand up to grilled food. — 8 days ago

Navin Nayak
with Navin


Author's Wine Aligoté Riesling

Бутылочка-малютка без указания года урожая. Как объяснили производители "слишком маленькая этикетка, места не хватило"
Нос- поначалу очень мощно- парфюмно- кондитерски- медовый. Потом сладкий летний луговой сухостой, сладкие свежие белые фрукты.
Рот медово-травянистый, сладость, кислотности немного, округлое, очень дружелюбное.
Интересная и приятная штука.
— 5 days ago

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TOR Kenward Family Wines

Beckstoffer To-Kalon Napa Valley Red Wine 2012

53/47 cab sauv/cab franc all from To Kalon. Blueberries, blackberries and mocha mix with earth and minerals. This wine is very balanced and the tannins are still very present especially on the finish. Decanted two hours. Will be fun to revisit this in a few years to see how it evolves, though perfectly delicious now. — a day ago

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Bill Bender

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I take it before or when I drink red wine to counter the histamines in the juice. Helps with headaches A LOT!
Carl Fischer

Carl Fischer

Im going to try this. Though alka-seltzer is my go to... after a snickers and Gatorade which Rhonda taught me @Mike R

Fall Line Winery

Exhibition Red Wine 2013

Cold night in Seattle calls for a smoky WA red blend. This is rather nice, not our usual style, but very well-made. Not too sweet or hot like many of its brethren. Pomegranate and wood on the delicate nose, blackberry and pepper on the palate. Oak is present but not overwhelming. Nice work. — 10 days ago

Alsu Shakirova
with Alsu
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Proof Red Wine 2015

Wasn’t sure at first but it got better and better... — 7 days ago

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Relic Wines

Ritual Red Wine 2013

I’ve rated this a few times and nothing has changed. A solid Cali take on a Rhône blend. Easy drinking and delicious. — 18 days ago

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Shay Aldriedge

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Another winery that is on my list to try.
Mike R

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Love this cab franc

Bevan Cellars

Ontogeny Oakville Red Wine 2015

Wow... this has to be one of the best vintages of Ontogeny in years, if not ever. Higher concentration of Tench vineyard, used in the EE Red, than in any other vintage of this wine. Incredible nose of luxardo cherries, pencil box, leather, lavender syrup, and vanilla. The pallet is brick house! Tannins perfectly integrated, full throttle, exhibiting notes of smoked blackberry reduction, dark chocolate, red delicious apple skin, licorice, and a finish that lasts forever. I feel like there's no way this wine should score less than 97 on WA. In my top 10 wines I've had all year - I will gladly take a bottle of this for Christmas! ;) — 23 days ago

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Cooper & Thief Cellarmasters

Cellarmaster Select Red Wine Blend 2014

Consumed 11/2017. have had three bottles of this in three weeks LOL. I am really liking it, even though it is a little sweeter than normal for me. It is aged in bourbon whiskey barrels for three months. They have been selling a gift set and it comes with two bourbon glasses rather than wine glasses but I have not tried it with that glass. The front of the bottle says our blend is quietly rested in bourbon barrels to produce a more complex, smooth and rounded wine. It has a profile of dark & jammywith toasty vanilla notes. It is rich and warm with some subtle spicy notes. it finishes with a smooth mouth feel reminiscent of a fine bourbon. The bottle also says that a selection of the most expensive wines in the world are produced with oak aging. This isn’t an opinion, it’s true. Oak is crucial and everything from the type, size, age, grain and treatment of an oak barrel greatly affects the finished wine. Oak gives the wine sweetness. Vanilla aromas and our smoky aged bourbon casks give our wine depth and another dimension of flavor. 🍷💜💜🍷🥃 — 11 days ago

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