Tulbagh, Coastal Region

Warwick Estate

The Blue Lady Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

This is starting to get interesting (cf the 2017 I just tasted ). A noticeably rich purple colour, powerful fruit on the nose, velvety but with bags of tannin on the finish. Still young — 9 days ago


El Bandito I wish I was a Ninja Pet Nat Colombard

Possibly the perfect sparkling for me. Quite sweet but not so much that it's gross — 10 days ago


Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Deep red-brown, complex and rich, lots of caramels — 9 days ago

Lievland Vineyards

Coastal Region Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Complex excellent Cab from South Africa. Not usually a fan of South African wine, this is excellent. At Lyon Hall wine dinner. — 11 days ago

Heather Rostker
with Heather

Mullineux Family Wines

Schist Roundstone Swartland Syrah 2018

Vintage 2018 | Autumnforrest in smell, starts very elegant, powerfull, chubby ánd strict, very interesting. Difficult p/q ratio… — 24 days ago

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de Trafford

Stellenbosch Shiraz 2015

Dabbling in Syrah and Syrah blends. New for me. Liking where it’s going…

Liked it much more than Trafford’s cab.
— 16 days ago

Le Riche

Richesse Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2019

D. Super smooth. Smells like heaven. A Bordeaux style that I prefer — 5 days ago


G.V.B. White 2016

Pale with a tinge of green. Crisp@nose, blackcurrant leaves. Good acidity on the attack then the woody sweeter notes come out, ending with vanilla and cream. Superb — 15 days ago

Rainbow's End

Estate Stellenbosch Shiraz 2017

Rainbow 🌈 End is one of our favorites 😬 — 2 days ago


Sémillon 2019

Totally inoffensive and easily drinkable; soft; no complaints — 16 days ago