Terra Sancta

Vinya Ferrer

'Nar i Tornar' Txaranga Roig Grenache 2018

Leads with a distinct oak note, almost like a touch of scotch, and then bursts with berry fruit flavor. The juxtaposition is a bit odd, but it works for me. The bridge is a hint of vanilla. Actually, I love it! — 10 days ago

Whetstone Ciderworks

Terra Alta Rosé Blend 2019

This is about as good as it gets for a Rose. It’s not the cheapest, but I’ve drank a few of these already and it’s hard to keep it in the bottle. Amazingly good on a warm day. So refreshing. The finish is unlike most other roses in the market - smooth and not acidic. @Whetstone Wine Cellars great stuff! — 17 days ago

Steven BealDaniel Taub
with Steven and Daniel
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David L

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I check it out. Must try TOP Rose.

Fattoria Galardi

Terra di Lavoro Campania Red Blend 2015

John Howard

Monster everything. Dark Fruit, ash, herbs, funk. Kind of a Brett bomb. Somewhat Hard to drink on it’s own. Tastes amazing with a good burger. — 9 days ago

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Stefan Dolhain

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Way too young. These wines evolve very slowly.
John Howard

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@Stefan Dolhain could totally see that. People accuse us of being baby killers all the time:)

Herencia Altes

Terra Alta Garnatxa Negra Rosé 2017

Nicely structure with a persistent finish, soft tanins. Nose surprisingly close to a chard from CA. Very decent value. — 11 hours ago

Celler Frisach

L'Abrunet de Frisach Garnatxa Blanca 2018

Very nice. Fuller while still light on its feet. Good acidity and mouthfeel. Not an everyday wine but should be. — 12 days ago

Alois Lageder

Terra Alpina Dolomiti Pinot Grigio 2019

John Howard

Total green apple jolly rancher with mineral city. — 2 days ago

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Terra d'Uro

La Enfermera Toro Tempranillo 2016

I don’t usually rate duplicate wines, but this was so much better (and different) than 9 week ago, it merits a review. This is inky opaque and dense with dark fruit w/approachable tannins - as it unwinds there was distinct notes of espresso, tobacco and incense along w/coarse ground black pepper and vanilla. Really shining and magical stuff. QPR is off the charts, fell hard for this one! — 4 days ago

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Terra Barossa Shiraz 2016

Definitely a full body Shiraz rich in sweet ripe strawberry and dark cherry sweetness with a hint of tobacco up front. A spicy finish with very low acidity. — 5 days ago

Benito Ferrara

Terra d'Uva Greco di Tufo 1860

that’s really good. like yum burgundy but with an itty bitty scratch of tannin instead of butter. Like it a lot ... there’s 1000’s of grapes in Italy alone we all should be drinking - GO IN. — 10 hours ago