Moonstone Asian Pear Saké

Light pear flavor, but really good — 2 days ago

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Tozai Living Jewel Junmai Premium Fushimi

Sorry Wine .. I cheated on you with this delicate Saké — 3 months ago

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Brooklyn Kura

Dry Hopped Limited Release Junmai Ginjo

This is the limited release, dry hopped, junmai ginjo saké with 5 grams residual sugar. Made in Brooklyn.

A very faint blush and a tropical IPA nose this is an incredibly refreshing sake. Medium bodied with stone fruit and melon rind. Went great with salmon sashimi, chicken teriyaki, and stir fried vegetables.
— a year ago

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Umenoyado Brewery

Rice Sake

Umemoyado Blue Dragon Junmai Ginjo - another interesting saké on the local supermarket shelves, and the most different in style from our recent Yamadanishiki pick-ups. This was plush and round, with a rather "sweet" fruity core. Pears, melons, canned pineapples, and creamy finish. Not my favourite style, but a good drop nonetheless. — 2 days ago

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SakéMoto Premium Junmai Saké

Paired well with cooking dinner — 3 months ago

Kikusui Brewing Company


A thoroughly enjoyable creamy & robust sake. This particular saké is not diluted after brewing which adds to its intensity. — a year ago


Eau du Désir Yamada Nishiki Junmai Ginjo Sake 2019

I'm always so impressed with the saké scene in Malaysia. This is a bottle that I'd be hard-pressed to find listed in any Australian restaurant, and if any at all, none for a fair price I bet. Clearly great things are happening behind the scenes here, with Kuheiji's Eau Du Désir popping up on the shelves of my local grocery (I don't exactly live in the epicenter of Malaysia).

Straight out of the bottle, you get the impression that Kuheiji has just bottled a fresh unadulterated ferment. That tingly sensation of CO2 on the nose, before it gets hit by ester-heavy ferment aromas, with the light spritz on the palate, and zestiness in the finish - gosh, it really feels like a ferment. It's just so fresh and lively, as it should be with each vintage of the Eau Du Désir. Air brings more clarity to the flavors of juicy melons, apples, and interestingly, guava. There's a sweet almost malty-core here, which is balanced out by the crisp slightly-bitter finish. So easy to drink!
— a month ago

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Gekkeikan Sake (USA)

Black & Gold Saké

Bought Freeport Wine March 2021. Very smooth, dry, Fine, light floral flavor. Buy again — 6 months ago

Wade Cellars

Three by Wade Chenin Blanc Viognier 2018

95% Chenin 5% Viognier. Smooth, soft, round. Melon rind. Reminiscent of Junmai Saké. Dwyane Wade’s winery. Jason Pahlmeyer winemaker. For pork loin w/ chutney. — a year ago

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