Ribeira Sacra


Lousas Vinas de Aldea Vinos Atlanticos Red Blend 2015

Fresh, organic, sensual. So unbelievably sensual-- deeply perfumed and endlessly complex.
Organic (honestly made me immediately think of wet freshly cut grass that has clumped up underneath the lawnmower. Also, wet forest floor, and bit of smokiness. Bay leaf.) , vegetale (wtf it smells almost like a fresh made bloody Mary plus celery and almost broccoli), meaty (thick cut of bacon), and huge array of red and blue fruit (ripe strawberry, cranberry, acai berry, touch of plum, bit of vine ripe blackberry too).

Acid wonderfully high (and continuing to merge itself nicely back into the fruit as the bottle stays open), tannin mod and deliciously smooth, alcohol mod.

Must note, this is the closest thing to Cote Nuits Pinot that isn't Cote Nuits Pinot... That's a good thing.
This is one of those wines I could write a short story about, and those wines are always fantastic.

Feel like this would hit it's peak at about 2025/2030.
— 8 days ago

DaTerra Viticultores

Gavela da Vila Laura Lorenzo Palomino 2016

Total sucker for this. — a day ago

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Dominio do Bibei

Lalama Ribeira Sacra Red Blend 2013

Really shines with some air. Structured Mencia that offers a lot of wine for the money. Ripe, smooth berries with a touch of earth and great acidic balance. — 11 days ago

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Adega Algueira S.L.

Ribeira Sacra Mencía 2017

Bright, juicy, delicious. — 2 days ago

Vina do burato

Vina de Balboa Ribeira Sacra Mencía 2016

Slight musk. Red fruit. High acid and low tannins. — a month ago

Fedellos Do Couto

Bastarda Merenzao 2016

Lovely trousseau from Spain. Light extraction. Reductive but opens up to lovely berries and pencil sharpener. — 10 days ago

Laura Lorenzo

Daterra Viticultores Portela Do Vento 2016

seek this out yall. — 9 days ago

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Cepas Viejas Ribeira Sacra Blanco

Wth the old lady at bar jamon — a month ago

Fedellos Do Couto

Conasbrancas Ribeira Sacra White Blend 2016

Wild and a little feisty! A lot going on for a tiny brain to perceive. Zippy and bright, the clever dog who chases it’s own tail only to please his adoring owner. — 2 months ago