Rheingau Riesling

Georg Breuer

Berg Schlossberg Riesling 2008

My notes seem a little lacking here. I believe this was the last dry riesling opened in the night and I didn't have much of it. All I could say was this - Whoa. High pressure wine. Superbly elegant balanced. 97.

NB: MFW gave this wine a whopping 99 pts. I'm gonna leave their tasting notes here to make up for my lack thereof.

This offers a breathtaking yet finely sizzled nose made of peach, pear, bergamot, sea breeze, flowery elements, mint and flint stone. The wine proves superbly elegant and refined on the palate. It develops density and a compact structure coupled to juicy complexity. Salty elements add freshness to the gorgeously focused palate. The finish is all about airiness, precision, focus and elegance. The overall balance is that found in the finest of Clos Sainte Hune or some of the mythical bottles of Künstler from the 1990s. This is a modern-day legend in the making!
— 13 days ago

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Joachim Flick

Hochheimer Königin Victoriaberg Trocken Riesling

A rather nice and just sweet enough Riesling Kabinett - serve cold and you’ll imagine this is what Teddy Pendergass had in mind when he was singing this line on “Come go with me..” : ‘let’s get a glass of some cold cold wine...’ Smooth, seductive and smooth - a prefect glass for a nice evening! — 12 days ago

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Weingut Josef Leitz

Rudesheimer Berg Kaisersteinfels Terrassen Riesling 2017

Well developed fruit and acids on point. Veey young though. Felt greener than earlier vintages I've had this early. Excited to follow this one over a few years. — 10 days ago

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Georg Breuer

Rauenthaler Nonnenberg Riesling 2016

An impromptu meet-up in Stuttgart yielded a little 16' riesling study - Breuer vs. Aldinger. Rheingau vs. Württemberg. Both warmer regions in Germany and from a more generous vintage. Having said that, the Breuer stood out for rising above the appellation and vintage!

The Nonnenberg's so elegant and juicy. Had more drive and finish than the Aldinger Marienglas. On the nose, grapefuit, pear, hints of passionfruit, white florals, herbs. The palate is crazy juicy with a beautiful mix of citrus and wet stones. Finishes with a zing and a touch of creaminess. It's extraordinarily elegant for the region (as Breuer usually is!) and vintage. Can't wait to revisit this wine after some ample cellaring time.
— 8 days ago

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Weingut Johannishof (H.H. Eser)

Johannisberg 'Gold' Eiswein Riesling 2007

I don’t drink Eiswein often but this bottle was a treat that was muled back from the old country. Very floral on the nose; honey sweet on the attack but there was fantastic acidity to give it the lift necessary to keep the balance. — 20 days ago

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Weingut Robert Weil

Rheingau Trocken Riesling

Purchased 2016 on-site with Oda 10/2017. Opened 10/13/19. Green melon clove oil lime. Clear. Acid. Finish is candied ginger — 3 days ago

Balthasar Ress

Rüdesheimer Berg Rottland Auslese Riesling 1999

a wonderful rendition of reisling...refreshing and at the same time has that nice sweetness and lift. 5 more years will help even more — 5 days ago

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Peter Jakob Kühn

Doosberg Trocken Riesling 2016

I usually like Peter Jakob Kühn, but not this bottle. Not sure if it's the style or just this example, but the mid-plate came off as oxidative. Nevertheless, it is still a good riesling with intense and rich fruit aromas, and heaps of acidity which it nice tension against the creamy phenolic finish. — a month ago

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Balthasar Ress

Hochheimer Domdechaney Spätlese Riesling


Grand vin! J adore.
— 5 days ago

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Franz Künstler

Bischofsberg Old Vines Dry Reisling 2012

Nariz: limón, piedra, miel, albaricoque, toque leve de petrol.

Boca: Seco, Acidez M+, Alcohol M
— 21 days ago

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