Punta Del Cielo

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Cielo Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2019

Happy Father’s Day! — 8 days ago

David HarperJim HadleyTommy Hadley
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Miguel Torres

Pago del Cielo Celeste Crianza Ribera del Duero Tempranillo 2018

Opaco a translucidez
Brillo: Alto
Ausencia de Sedimentos
Color: Granate
Intensidad: Media
Viscosidad: Media Alta
Menisco: Variación de Ribete Corta con segunda tonalidad Magenta

Intensidad: Media Alta
Frutos Maduros
Amplios Frutos Obscuros (Arándanos y Mora)
Flores: Vainilla
Especies: Pimienta, Canela, Regaliz
Suelo Matriz Mineral
Presencia de Madera
Extras: Tabaco, Chocolate, Trufa, Cuero

Semi Dulce
Cuerpo: Medio Alto
Acidez: Media
Alcohol: Medio
Taninos: Medio
Complejidad: Media
Final: Medio Largo

Notas: Amplio Vino de frutas negras especiadas. Una sensación de atardecer, la idea de una noche acercándose al paladar.
— a month ago

Punta de Locos

Valle Central Sauvignon Blanc 2021

I liked more than Reona did — 3 months ago

Punta Crena

Gran Messè Colline Savonesi Mataòssu

uncorked. slightly effervescent. intense pineapple with lingering acidity, light body hint of malo/good body. really fun and unique — 16 days ago

Cielo e Terra

3 Passo Sangiovese Blend

This is moving fast towards the top of my list of favorite wines. Absolutely fantastic, I looooooooove this! — a month ago

Punta Crena

Colline Savonesi Lumassina 2019

Lumassina from Liguria. 11%. A hint of effervescence, tropical fruit, bright and snappy. Kermit Lynch. Summer pounder. — 2 months ago

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Viandante del Cielo

Pristinvm Umbria Ciliegiolo Blend 2018

Recommended at Sessions Restaurant. Good! Dry red fruits, savory minerals, leather. Second predominantly collegiality we’ve had in a couple weeks! Will have more. — 3 months ago

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Punta Crena

Vigneto Isasco Riviera Ligure di Ponente Rossese 2020

Without food, this is an easy-drinking light wine with some muted red fruit and a sort of dusty, reduced earth/mineral note and not much of a mid palate—pleasant but not memorable. Served alongside garlic/anchovy/tuna/caper pasta, this wine is invigorated and gains new dimensions: bright red pomegranate, cherry and rose hip with a hint of sweet ocean air and Mediterranean herbs (thyme?), maybe even some cinnamon. — a month ago

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Punta Crena

Cruvin Colline Savonesi Crovino 2016

The fox caught my eye 🦊

Fruit, spice, and took me a minute to identify, but cedar!

Spicy! Tannins and acid, but needs a bit more fruit.

Apparently the story is that foxes sneak a few grapes from the vines when they get a chance…
— 2 months ago

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