Jean-Baptiste Menigoz

Tôt Ou Tard Arbois Ploussard 2015

Perfect. Everything I like in Poulsard. When it’s good it’s my favorite grape. Earthy, light, cloudy, funky, turbid. Changes quickly. Reduction and then becomes a bit tannic but not too much. — 11 days ago

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Jolie-Laide Wines

California Trousseau Noir Blend

I Nell

Nice high tone with soft raspberry balanced with mineral and resin. Nice on the palate. Easy to pair — 22 days ago

François Rousset-Martin

Cuvée PP André Côtes du Jura Pinot Noir-Poulsard Blend 2014

This might not be the biggest wine, nor was it intended to be. But it just really does it for me, I can't get enough of its lively aromas of bright red berries and fresh green and red fruit. It has a good amount of gas upon opening, but this is quickly aired out. It has an untamed energy, yet still clean. Stable for the hour or so it took to finish it. I love it and need to find more bottles! — a month ago

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Hampus Bejnö

Hampus Bejnö


Domaine Overnoy-Crinquand

Arbois-Pupillin Ploussard 2016

Easy going down; herbal and racy aperitif red. Reductive for sure but fun for the geeky. Hard to tell vintage differences. — 10 days ago

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Cerdon Bugey Sparkling Rosé Poulsard Gamay

Very sweet. Raspberry notes. Pairs with foie — 20 days ago

Patrice Beguet

Big Bunch Theory Gamay Poulsard

Love. Different blend but same effect as last year. Thanks Eben! — a month ago

Marie Bourdon et Raphaël Monnier

Avis de Tempête 3 Mondeuse

Great value and wonderful wine. Like an earthy Poulsard. — 4 days ago

Jolie-Laide Wines

Cuvée Viticole California Trousseau Noir Blend 2018

Floral, high-toned, raspberry, mineral ⚡️⚡️ — 10 days ago

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Jean Bourdy

Côtes du Jura Poulsard Blend 2015

The label says to “uncork 3 to 4 hours before tasting” so I did. Pale garnet with rust on the edges, a little VA (not a bad thing) on the nose with cherries and roses. Delicate but not without structure. Red fruits, florals, licorice, dried herbs, touch of wild yeast, and a saline minerality that went great with this brined roasted bird — 23 days ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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Red Jura is so interesting!