La Sibilla

Campi Flegrei Piedirosso 2018

Ungrafted vines & lower alcohol levels allow you to enjoy the cherry and spicy cinnamon hints. The acidity brings a unique freshness while the tannins are subtle. This a very versatile table wine in pairing with salmon, pork tenderloin, pizza and great just to enjoy on its own. — 3 months ago

Cantine Astroni

Colle Rotondella Campi Flegrei Piedirosso 2015

Got from horsemen wine club - tart and yeasty. Plummy? Nice — 2 months ago

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I Cacciagalli

Mille Piedirosso Aglianico 2017

Lush full body but super silky, back palate red fruit subtle notes of blackberry, cherry, earth. So good with pot roast! — 2 months ago

Fattoria Galardi

Terra di Lavoro Roccamonfina Aglianico Piedirosso 2013

Amazing and highly recommend! All smiles! Similar to previous notes. — 14 days ago

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Paestum Piedirosso

@delectable Marino piedirosso

Nose has a hint of porcini. As it opens this recedes and you get some pine. Blueberry. Blueberry flower. Some pine.

Palate is blueberry. Some spice. The internal aromatics are like someone sprayed a spritzer of blueberry perfume all over your palate Very delicious. Not rustic at all. Not modern. But refined. Some nice grip. Some pine internal aromatics.

This is almost like barbera from campania in a sense. Not an aged. But unique and fun to drink. Like this spice blend. Nutmeg allspice cinnamon. Clove. But all blended and subtle. Woven into the fruit.

Not a Great wine. But a wine you want to drink once every few months and share with equally jaded friends. Very good and very interesting.
— 3 months ago

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Contrada Salandra

Campi Flegrei Piedirosso 2014

Great wine from Eduardo’s — 18 days ago

Feudi di San Gregorio

Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Red Blend 2019

There is a bit of funk there, along with garrigue, Provence herbs, anise, blackberry and other black forrest fruits. Interesting nose. The palate is very well designed with a perfect balance between a strong acid drive and a nice red forest fruits note, a good width and a smooth mouthfeel, a bit of dynamic, fresh twist, playful yet edgy tannins in an ever evolving palate before a powerful finish with fruits, spices and those herbs. This is very good! — 21 days ago

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Vitienocoltori Marino

Rossitum Piedirosso Aglianico

Vini Marino rossitum.

Nose is cherry cough syrup

Palate is cherry slush. Some Spice.

— 3 months ago

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