Pearl Morissette Estate Winery

Pearl Morissette Estate Winery

Cuvée Métis Pinot Noir Cabernet Franc 2016

My first Canadian wine and it is a doozy. Light purple with plenty of fizz to it. This is a wild, untamed wine and you get that message right from the start. The barnyard funk is immediate and deep. Earth and forest woodland is all over this with fresh blueberries and raspberries. The spice is warm and there’s a sense of pine nuts and mushrooms. Wild funky stuff.

Mostly Cabernet Franc with some Pinot Noir from Niagara, this is avant-garde stuff. You could try to write it off as natural, or Beaujolais like, but that doesn’t really cover it. It’s clear that this is the work of someone who knows what the hell they’re doing, absolutely nothing amateurish here. As wild as it is there is nice structure here, this is not at all a lazy wine. Complexity is abundant with menthol and untamed red fruit notes. Sit with this one for a while. Let it breathe, let it speak to you. You will be rewarded. Very unique.
— 14 days ago

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Happy you enjoyed a Canadian wine! 🍷 Cheers!

Pearl Morissette x OVB

Lila Red Blend 2019

God bless Pearl Morissette. This one has it all, insence, pepper and fruit. Just a lovely drop that bubbles on your tongue. Yes please. — 25 days ago

Pearl Morissette

Cuvée Métis Niagara Peninsula Chardonnay 2017

Många fina smaklager och nyanser. Avvägd frukt och fathantering. Äpplen, jasmin, snäckskal, kardemumma, valnöt, örter. Något utvecklad. — 3 days ago

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Nik Pegasus

Mystic Pearl Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

This is a very tasty Cabernet Sauvignon from Central Coast in California. Showing blackberries, coffee, chocolates, tobacco, licorice, oak, vanilla, plums, black cherries and light vegetables.

Dry on the palate and fruit forward.

Full bodied with medium acidity and a nice mouthfeel.

Tangy finish with fine grained tannins.

Still young, but already enjoyable, even by itself. Will age nicely in the next 5 years.

Good right out of the bottle and better with some airtime.

Spicy and tangy. Tasty and easy drinking with mild complexity.

I paired it with cheeses and crackers.m by the pool.

13.8% alcohol by volume.

90 points.

— 6 days ago

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Pearl Morissette

Fralala Cabernet Franc Rosé 2019

This is a lovely wine with a lot going on. Berry and pepper on the palette and a lovely floral nose. Not really my cup of tea, but very well rendered Cab Franc rose. — 2 months ago

Pearl Morissette

Fougue Niagara Vineyards Chardonnay 2018

This is a lovely wine with lots of spark. It has the usual PM funk and slight bubble in the tongue while still having some buttery smoothness. — 22 days ago

Pearl Morissette

Racines du Ciel Cabernet Franc 2018

Dark bouquet, rich dark cherry and chocolate, smooth, mellow, exquisite — a month ago

Cantina Margo

Margò Fiero Rosato Umbria Sangiovese

Little Pearl light refreshing — 3 days ago

David & Stephan

Black Pearl Milde Stout

Well done, bro!
Thanks a lot.
— 2 months ago

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