Vignarco Orvieto Classico White Blend

Blanched almonds, honey, and star fruit. Lovely but doesn’t make you think about it too hard. — a month ago


Terre Vineate Orviéto Classico Superioré Trebbiano Blend 2017

A very nice Orvieto. Light & bright at first, nice finish, went well with rich cheeses and Genoa samlami. Makes me remember wild boar ragu — drank after left out of refrigerator for 1 hour. — a month ago


Orvieto Classico White Blend 2018

Отличный , легкий выбор за 5€. — 6 months ago


Campo del Guardiano Orviéto Classico Superioré 2010

Crisp, flavorful, refreshing on a summer afternoon. Relishing in our memories of the Orvieto countryside. — a month ago

Paul liked this


Orvieto Trebbiano Blend 2019

Easy to drink :) — 2 months ago

Decugnano dei Barbi

Villa Barbi Orvieto Classico Grechetto Blend

2020/4. Quite floral - I’d like to try this again next to some Palazzone, which I remember as much more nutty. — 2 months ago

Fratelli Nistri

Altarupe Orvieto Trebbiano Grechetto 2017

Sweetish white wine with a fruity twist — a year ago

Fratelli Martini

Collezione Marchesini Orvieto Classico White Blend 2018

Very clean, light body, light fruit, no off-flavors, not green or mineral. This is a value-for-money wine. Impressive for the price. I am a Ruffino Orvieto addict but for the same price, this choice is superior. — 3 months ago


Orvieto Grechetto 2017

Quite liked this esp at around 50F. Nice acidity and a fleshier texture than most whites of this style. — 2 months ago