Paleokerisio Traditional Semi-sparkling Ioannina Orange 2017

Deep amber hue. Dried apricot, orange marmalade, roasted hazelnut, almond skin, marmite on the nose. Lightly sweet with balancing acidity, frothy, stewed strawberry and rhubarb, cloves, pear cider. Delightfully weird, not something to drink all night but very fun to sip. Absolutely perfect with Chinese food! — 6 days ago

Rowlee Wines

Orange Nebbiolo 2015

This label has now gone, thankfully, as it’s doesn’t fit the filling. Delicious juicy light tannin beautiful rosey Nebbiolo. Slightly orange from Orange. — 21 days ago

William James Cellar

Swinging Bridge Orange Shiraz 2018

A new favourite family run winery — 19 days ago


Why Try So Hard Gewürztraminer

Great taste & name!
— 18 days ago


Erdreich Orange Wine

Ben’s house - oct 2019. Smells like peaches, really yummy — 18 days ago


"Orange Label" Red Blend 2014

A dark red blend, full body, earthy & dry. Black cherry & plum. More Cabernet-like than the blend would suggest. Really nice with beef. — 4 days ago

Gordon GoldingPeggy Cohen
with Gordon and Peggy

The Bruery

Saison Rue

Perfect crown! Garden of the gods lacing. Bone colored number, and what structure! Moves like chef’s foam. Dark, bronze-golden body. Orange, peach, cherry and pear blossoms in an arboreal array. Lacing morphing erratically into tropical vines. Warm apple pastry, limoncello, sliced bing cherry, golden beets, and a raisinate grape with honey cake, in an elegant botanical park of aromas. The beer is nothing like this, it is deep and creamy, exhibiting Sauternes barrel richness, Saigon cinnamon, shiitake, maple nut, chocolate pods, pecans, nutmeg, dark caramel, dark honey wheat bread with aspirations to rye. Including a near-caraway. Light coffee notes throughout, conversely tea with a honey spoon.. This is a dichotomy. But an interesting one worth exploring. — a month ago

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The Bruery

Terreux Sour in the Rye American Wild Ale

Revisit from four weeks ago, so I’ll keep it short and less windy. Red amber body is just a beauty. The white crown an equal. Strawberry nose with fresh apricot, peach and pickled peach too. Mouth puckering-ly sour with green strawberry, cherry sweet tart, lemon juice, limes, red grapefruit, apple cider vinegar and Dijon mustard, sour pineapple, star fruit and kumquat. Tartness just brands you initially, and you seek shelter in the oak relics below the sour reliquary. — 16 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Love their stuff! Find any of the 'Anniversary' beers, with the wax dipped neck, be patient they're not ready on release, you'll be happy.

7 Riadkov

Vlašák Orange

Nate Wall

So cool. Hand smuggled via suitcase. — a month ago

Murrieta's Well

Small Lot Livermore Valley Dry Orange Muscat 2018

This wine has beautiful floral notes, and considering the grape, one might think a dessert wine is in the glass, or maybe an Albariño or Gewurztraminer. That’s not happening, though. This Orange Muscat is completely dry. The palate shows lime notes in an orange-laced and wonderfully acidic setting. Bring on the shellfish.
— a month ago

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David Shaw

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Special stuff. Gotta get a couple of bottles of this...