North Coast Chardonnay

Eden Ridge

Barrel Select Mendocino County Chardonnay 2014

Caramel candied apples, fresh hot kettle corn and stewed vanilla pears saunter over the rim of the glass while summertime drunken peaches delight those caramel apples as they sashay across the dance floor of your palate. Sweet sea salty kisses on the confident finish. A bolder white to conclude a sultry summer day. — 13 hours ago

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Foley Johnson

Carneros Chardonnay 2016

Reminiscent of Rombauer: round, slightly oaky, a bit buttery, nutmeg and minerals. Overall very pleasing. Enjoyed the 2016 vintage with grilled salmon and a cold pea salad (with mint, parsley and a sour cream and mayo dressing). — 2 days ago

Ramey Wine Cellars

Hudson Vineyard Chardonnay

2009 vintage. Great stuff. Rich and concentrated, but elegant and balanced. Ripe apple, candied lemon, stone, toasty oak flavors. Fresh w nice acidity — 7 days ago

Jessup Cellars

Carneros Chardonnay

Tastes like homemade lemon tarts, hot concrete playgrounds and cream soda. Reminds me of baking on hot afternoons with my mum. — 6 days ago

Rombauer Vineyards

Carneros Chardonnay 2016

Rombauer Vineyards was founded in 1982 by Koerner and Joan Rombauer and sits on a tree covered knoll overlooking the Napa Valley. The winery features caves that extend for over a mile into the hillside. Golden straw with aromas of stone and tropical fruit with sweet oak spice scents. On the palate peach, melon and apple, with soft vanilla spice, rich & creamy. Lingering smooth finish, well balanced ending with mineral notes. — 11 days ago

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Schramsberg Vineyards

Brut Rosé North Coast Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay 2010

Shay A

A few of us stopped by the wine storage facility today to “celebrate” the 4th in style. American zins and American Sparklers. Happy 4th 🇺🇸

Reinforced my thinking of Schramsberg Sparklers being able to age decently. Really no sign of decline here. Fruit may be a tad less tart, but still flavorful. Kiwi, watermelon and a lot of pomegranate. Acid is still searing through the mid palate with a yeasty/herbaceous finish.
— 18 days ago

Dan Fitzgerald
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Jason Brater

Jason Brater

Have not had the schram rose’. Love the reg brut!
Shay A

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@Jason Brater : Don’t be scared of’s fantastic. I wouldn’t be opposed to trying even some 10yr old bottles...this tasted wonderful at 8yrs old!


Carneros Chardonnay

Smells like lemon and cream, acidic in the front that rounds to a nice oaky and buttery finish. Notes of butterscotch. — 2 days ago

Rodde Family Vineyards

Chardonnay 2011

Shay A

Impromptu meet up at Classic! Having a relaxing Friday afternoon with good friends and good wine makes for a perfect start to a weekend!

First time with this producer. Golden colored. Honeyed mango and melon on the nose, touch of funk. Acidity is still rocking. A toasted macadamia nut note on the palate with grilled ripe pineapple. Drink up.
— 8 days ago

Dan FitzgeraldMark Flesher
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Shay A

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@Keith Fisher : I keep trying to tag you in all my Wines but Delectable won’t ever let me. @Delectable Wine , why can’t I tag certain followers/friends?

Rhys Vineyards

Anderson Valley Chardonnay 2015

Light and bright. Balanced acid, creaminess, and lemony zip. Delicious and refreshing on a hot summer day. — 14 days ago

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Shay A

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I’m assuming this is their/one of their “entry” level chards? I got an email back from them saying to expect a one year wait, so hopefully that’s true! By the way, do you happen to know a Tera Johnson?
Patrick Derdeyn

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One of the appelation level chards, all appelation wines will actually be shifting to the Alesia label with the new vintages.
Patrick Derdeyn

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A friend who recently got on the list had a little over a 2yr wait, which isn’t bad at all so hoping for the best for you.


El Novillero Vineyard Chardonnay 2012

Cali, but still tasty! — 7 days ago

Judy Williams
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