Georges Skouras Peloponnese Moscofilero 2020

Very expressive. Lime, underripe pears, floral. Lemongrass/young basil. — a month ago


Peloponnisos Moscofilero 2021

Light, refreshing, an excellent light wine to drink for lunch. — 2 months ago

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Lost Moschofilero Malagousia

Enjoyed this white! A little dry and a little fruity, nice when chilled! — 4 months ago


Anassa Moscofilero 2019

A very pleasant, bubbling, mellons. — 8 months ago


Mantinia Moschofilero 2020

Tart zesty green and citrus fruit, nice light body. Acids a bit high for my taste but were well tempered by rich spicy food (pad Thai and red curry) — 2 months ago

Gaia Wines

Notios Moschofilero Roditis 2017

Alex Lallos

Very clean. Crisp and refreshing. Fried food friendly — 2 months ago

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Gaia (Gaia's Estate)

Monograph Moschofilero

This bottle is punching outside it’s weight class. Gorgeous and complex.

The hue is interesting - soft pink like watered down grapefruit. Slightly peachy pink.

The grapefruit trend continues on the nose too, mixed with beeswax and yellow pear skin. Also, do I get bubblegum? Or green apple jolly rancher? Cool.

Quite dry and acidic. Tart but not cringingly so. Apricot and underripe peach dominate but it doesn’t get old at all. Can’t wait to find more of this.
— 4 months ago

Jillian Varner
with Jillian


Mister Helios Dry Moschofilero 2019

Sharp, mealy bouquet. A little off aromatic for the typical Moschofilero. Although, strong scent of pineapple cores.

Organic, no additives, and the oldest importer of the varietal to the states. Super pineappley, bracing acidity, feels very old world authentic. Like I’m in Greece and this is the one they would serve at the table overlooking the teal expanse of ocean.

Slight licorice that balances out the sweetness.

Interesting and wonderful.
— 2 months ago

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Mikri Kivotos (Little Ark) Moschofilero Rosé 2020

Citrus notes and red berries with floral hints. Closer to a dry sauvignon blanc than a rosé. Crisp acidity pairs very well with salty feta cheese and Greek food. — 3 months ago