Montagnieu, Bugey

Raphael Bartucci

Bugey-Cerdon Sparkling Rosé Gamay

Sweet wine for people who don’t like sweet wine. So good. Bubbly and fuller bodied — a day ago

Domaine Patrick Charlin

Roussette du Bugey Montagnieu Altesse 2008

Almost rhoneish... sweet honeyed fruit with a slightly oxidative edge. Nice balance. — 2 months ago

Rick KGregg GBex Green
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Franck Peillot

Brut Bugey Montagnieu White Blend

Pale white,
medium plus intensity with primary and secondary aromas (lemon, peach, poneapple, bread, pastry)
dry, with an high acidity and medium alcohol.
Good balance with an hint of primary aromas in mouth.
Excellent value for price
— 4 months ago

Les Cortis

Uzée Bugey Gamay Mondeuse

Fifi, bio, natty, organic, all that. 80/20 gamay/mondeuse. BBQ pork. Strawberry juice to the dome. — a month ago

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Lingot Martin

Rhapsodie Bugey Red Blend

Great, French red Gamay 85 % & Mondeuse from Burgundy region, this is delicious, fruity, slight lingering tart after taste, full of cherries. — 4 months ago


Cerdon Bugey Sparkling Rosé Poulsard Gamay 2017

Great sparkling rosé with just enough sweetness. Easy to drink! — a month ago

Maison Angelot

Vin du Bugey Gamay

great affordable option — a month ago

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Bruno Debize

Long Fleuve Bugey Blanc Chardonnay Aligoté

Vineyard torn up for a highway. Kinda reminds me of Long Island. Good example of land preservation through beverage. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 — 5 months ago

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Bugey Brut Blanc 2013

Honey, Meyer lemon, carnauba wax, cream — 5 months ago

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