Mezcal Vago


Espadín Mezcal Joven

So many delicious smokey notes and so so smooth. — 2 days ago


Mezcal Ancestral Joven Agave

Surprise. This is terrific. — 3 months ago

Mezcal Pícaro

Mezcal Artesanal Reposado

Very smooth and a lot going on. Nice after dinner drink — 4 months ago

Barbara Raphael
with Barbara


Mezcal Organic

We had it at Molly's house — 13 days ago

Casa Machaya

Mezcal Agave

Don Lencho, Rancho Blanco, San Pablo Gujla’ — 2 months ago

400 Conejos

Reposado Espadin Agave


#mezcal #agave #reposado #espadin — 4 months ago

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Mezcal Tosba

A. Angustifolia (Espadín)

Tosba Espadin - predictable but enjoyable. — 5 months ago

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Santa Pedrera

Mezcal Joven

Muy delicious. To be taken neat — 2 months ago

Katie VestaSydne AnnKris Beth
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Joven Espadin Mezcal

Smooth and Smokey… — 4 months ago

Banhez Mezcal

Jabali Joven Maguey

Ginger and citrus with a light mouthfeel and smooth finish - no hint of smoke …which is unusual for a mezcal — 5 months ago

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