Maurel Vedeau

Domaine Borie de Maurel

La Belle Aude Marsanne 2019

Dan R

Gorgeous s. French white. Delicate and wispy-textured, peach focused with a slatey backbone and salty finish. Understated and very very pretty. A great discovery, especially in the context of how little attention is paid to whites in the region. Best at cellar temp. Obviously young and improved steadily with a bit of air time — 9 months ago

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Clos Saint Jean

La Combe des Fous Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend

The Maurel brothers made the best out of the 2008 vintage. — 4 years ago


Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend 2015

The Chimère from Manfred Krankl of Sine Qua Non fame, and the Maurel brothers of Clos Saint Jean, is, appropriately, a beast. Cherry, blackcurrant, Christmas spice, violets and chocolate. Many elements combine to make a compelling wine that deserves attention over time. Indeed, when this bottle was initially opened, the prevailing thought at the table was that it would last months. A small tipple to check in, some time later, was tasted with our own resident chimera (well at least she sort of has the head of Lion element down) present. — 2 years ago

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Neil Valenzuela

Neil Valenzuela

Ha! Great photo
Shawn Thompson

Shawn Thompson

Love the photo and the review! Cheers 🍷

Domaine Maurel

Solstice Red Blend

Woooooow! This got so good. Smooth, interesting, tastes a little like the goats smell. Just a teeny bit. And chocolate. — 4 years ago

Domaine Borie de Maurel

La Féline Minervois-La Livinière Syrah Blend 2012

If you can find this, you're doing it right... — 5 years ago

Clos Bellane

Côtes du Rhône Villages Valréas Blanc 2016

A special, everyday wine. Marsanne, Viognier, and Roussanne from the highest altitude in the Southern Rhone; a cool climate, limestone driven wine. Uncommonly addictive. Watch this producer: Stephane Vedeau. Great initials, too 😜 — 3 years ago

Domaine Maurel

Chardonnay 2014

Fresh and crisp white wine, with aroma's of lemon and grapefruit. Excellent with raw fish, like sashimi. — 5 years ago

Domaine Borie de Maurel

Esprit d'Automne Minervois 2012

Iris brought to book club — 5 years ago