Martha Stoumen

Martha Stoumen

Post Flirtation Red

(At metrograph), color was a ruby red fairly normal color, im forgetting the rest of detail but remember natural in the normal natural way (think jam and cider), good overall balance, acid is clean and there — 3 days ago

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Martha Clara Vineyards

Estaete Reserve Pinot Noir 2013

- [ ] Fragrant nose. Distinct fresh plum notes kind of surprising for a pinot. Those notes along with musky dark flowers, Palo santo and sandalwood dominate, buttressed by a wet earth, wet leaves and petricore note, a whiff of Smokey mineralogy, an undercurrent of caraway seeded rye bread that is both delicious and opens pairing possibilities. . Soft and silky with plush resolved tannins and good medium acidity. Not transcendent by any means, but really and complex tasty for what it is and punching far above its weight. It is a bit hollow at some moments, but that comes off to me as ore petricore freshness than the or flabby. Drink up and enjoy. Not getting better but probably has a couple of years of reasonable drinking
— 23 days ago

Martha Stoumen

Teal Drops Zinfandel Rosé 2017

peach colored, coppery highlights; peach skins, musky floral notes; orange rind, lovely texture from aging on the lees in barrel a year, super crunchy, nice grip on finish, 12.4% ABV; made from 100% Zinfandel grown sustainably in King Vineyard in Suisun Valley; $32 — 25 days ago

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Martha Stoumen

Sparkling Green Valley Zinfandel 2017

Delightful. Pairs well with all kinds of food — a month ago

Sara Jane Whatley
with Sara

Martha Stoumen

Honeymoon California Colombard Roussanne 2017

Another Stoumen gem, you can taste the straw and clay, a COS cousin (where Stoumen made wine for a while) moved to CA. — 2 months ago

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René Barbier i Sara Perez

Dido Montsant Macabeu-Garnatxa Cartoixa Blend 2015

2015, Perfection. With Jurgen and Martha and mussels.,, — 3 months ago

Jurgen Weiss
with Jurgen

Martha Stoumen

Post Flirtation White Marsanne blend 2018

I’d been jonesing to try the Martha Stoumen collection for a long time. I’ve read plenty on her background - her training under Occhipinti at Cos and I love her thoughtful articulation of California terroir, natural wine, and Sicilian grapes.

This is fun bright sunshine at a meager 10%. The smell of oysters mid slurp - briny ocean and minerals. Flavors of sour lemon drop.

Attentive and still easy.
— a month ago

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Jay Kline

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“Training under Occhipinti...” seems almost crazy considering Arianna’s relative youth but I get it
Ely Cohn

Ely Cohn

@Jay Kline i should have specified - she trained under Giusto Ochippinti who runs Cos - I believe he is Ariana’s uncle and she trained under him as well....
Jay Kline

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@Ely Cohn ahhhhh...I totally forgot about that connection at Cos. Thanks for the clarification!

Martha Stoumen

Venturi Vineyard Carignan 2018

Playful and deep but not bold. Lovely light bite. Red fruit and minerals yum — a month ago

Martha Stoumen

Mendocino County Nero d'Avola 2011

Enjoyed with Alanna at Fore St in Portland. Near perfect. — 2 months ago