La Montanuela

Rocio Marquette

S Wood

Dark color soft palate enjoyable but too expensive — a month ago


Subduction McCabe’s Brook Marquette 2019

100 % Marquette = non-vinifera jackpot. This my first taste of this often remembered Vermont specialty. Honestly, it taste like a Cab Franc and Chambourcin 50-50 blend!! there is this unique spice profile that comes through in the back half that makes this a compelling food wine. I am pairing this with Vermont cheddars and then fresh salmon burgers with house made tartar slaw :) Color is dark garnet that speaks to a black cherry herbal lozenge…yes, a moderately a viscous mouthfeel. This could be brown bagged as a Bluestone red blend and no one would question it ;) — 5 months ago

North Shore Winery

Minnesota Marquette 2019

Hybrid wine from Minnesota! Grown 100% in minn. Bought this on vacation and drinking at home, I’m pleasantly surprised. Tart cherries dried and fresh all over the place, but some excellent baking spices as well. Acidity is excellent but falls a bit flat towards the end where it gets more jolly rancher like. I think this would be an outstanding thanksgiving dinner choice. Look forward to trying more hybrid grapes from around the country in the future. — 10 months ago

La Garagista Farm + Winery

In A Dark Country Sky Whole Cluster Vermont Marquette

Some nail polish and canned pineapple on the nose. Should have decanted! Cherry, blueberry, woody. — 2 months ago

Old Westminster Winery

Franc Fizz Cabernet Franc Marquette 2020

2020. Loads of sediment and minimal fizz, but very fruity cab franc that paired great with take out Ethiopian lamb and beef tibs. — 8 months ago

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Saint Croix Vineyards

Minnesota Reserve Marquette 2017

Lots of cherry. Nicely dry. A good dinner wine with pizza, pasta. August 2021. — 10 months ago

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Karlo Estates

Wild Ferment Property Grown Marquette 2019

Incredible! Very rich but not overwhelming in alcohol or tannins, paired extremely well with penne & lam ragu. One of the best Prince Edward County wines I have ever tried! — 2 months ago

Harbor Ridge Winery

Crimes Against Vines Cabernet Franc Blend

Mike K

Semi sweet. Extremely well balanced. Very nice fruit flavor. An exceptional wine in an aspects. — 8 months ago

Black Star Farms

Red House Michigan Red Blend

Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Marquette, Regent grapes. Another new grape for me. ✔️ — 9 months ago

Jim Hadley
with Jim
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