Marjan Simcic


Marjan Red Dry 2020

Очень вкусное вино!! Кислотность сбалансирована внизу, вкус насыщенный, на предвкусии - чувствуется сложный купаж, нотки кожи, табака и чернослива. Полнотелое именно в этом винтаже. 2020г.. Терпкость слабая.. — 10 days ago

Salko & Marjan Simcic

Goriška Brda Pinot Noir 2017

Looks like the other members of the Tucson wine triumvirate have been missing my presence here on Delectable so I figured I’d give them some Sunday content. Very Chambolle-esque and pretty. Ethereal w/ punchy sour red cherry with wet forest floor. Great stuff. — 3 years ago

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Andrew Liguori

Andrew Liguori

Thank you!
Guillermo Gonzalez

Guillermo Gonzalez

About time.

Marjan Simčič

Opoka Pinot Noir 2014

Smell tarragon, cherry, leather, lamb maybe but subtle, color is blood, ruby, acid comes out right away with some tannin, cherry, leather, rhubbarb — 4 years ago

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Marjan Simčič

Cru Selection Selected BRDA Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc 2021

Jeremy Shanker

Delicious Slovenian SB and also highly nuanced. Pineapple, fresno chile, passionfruit. — 2 months ago

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Marjan Simčič

Opoka Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Two part review!
1. BF that knows about wine: Great.
2. Me that knows nothing: Good. Paired with “What We Do in the Shadows” and homemade branzino and scallops. Unmemorable but nice for this night.
— 2 years ago

Marjan Simčič

Domaine Classic Brda Pinot Grigio 2020

19-6-21 marjam simcic pinot grigio — 3 years ago

Salko & Marjan Simcic

Selekuja Ribolla 2017

Great wine and fantastic acidity — 5 years ago

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Marjan Simčič

Classic Brda Sauvignon Vert 2022

2022 vintage.
Labelled as Sauvignon Very….it’s actually Friulano.
Founded in 1860. Marjan took over from his father in 2008.
Brda wine region borders Collio region of Friuli-Venezia Giullia in north east Italy.
A portion of Marjan’s 18 hectares are located in Italy..
Bright, shiny gold in colour.
Yellow flowers, ripe Asian apples, chamomile and almonds.
Rich and round.
There is definitely lees contact ere.
Yellow pears. stone fruit, bitter almond and a lemon, citrus finish with a bit of oily quality.
— 2 months ago

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Marjan Simčič

Classic BRDA Ribolla 2019

Dan R

This was great. Crystal clean, vibrant and intense. Stone fruit and white flowers on the nose. Palate is grippy, this wine is exciting and energetic, with a squeeze of lemon chasing the stone fruit palate. A touch of bitterness on the finish and great acidity. Serious wine. Quite young, Impressive. — 3 years ago

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