Macedon Ranges, Port Phillip

Joshua Cooper

The Old Port Righ Vineyard Chardonnay 2018

Initially a funky malo nose, but decanter has been a great partner, in 2H mostly dissipated.

Nose has green pear peel, salted honey and new oak firewood. Palate has cooked lemon with rind, mineral-ly pear flesh, warmed green apple with a mild, tannic finish. Recheck this bottle 2025+.

48H Update:
Nose has fresh yellow apple slice, crushing rocks, beeswax candle, white flowers and ocean air. Palate has lemon zest, pineapple core, light saline notes, cold yellow apple slice and wet slate. Quite a stunning bottle to be perfectly honest.
— 4 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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@Ron R Dinner party, need to at least mingle with the invited.
Severn Goodwin

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@Ron R 48+ hours in, and doing great.
Ron R

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Quartz Macedon Ranges Chardonnay 2010

Crystal clear clarity - medium yellow. Citrus mineral and a little funk on the nose. Lemon butter - an unctuous forward palate of Medium plus intensity and a touch of salinity. Intensity without weight. Certainly in the conversation for Australia’s best Chardonnay. Not as peaches and cream as the big guns in the Margaret River or say Vat 47. Have been cutting down wine purchases of late but will need to source some of the latest vintage of Quartz Block. An excellent Chardonnay at its peak. — 2 months ago

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Joshua Cooper

Central Highlands and Ranges Pinot Noir

It does the job pretty well
It got better than the last bottle i had
— 5 months ago

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Curly Flat

Macedon Ranges Pinot Noir 2015

Curly Flat never fails to bring joy to my life. I recall tasting this vintage pre-release at the end of a long lunch on a brutally Victorian winter’s day just before Jeni kindly drove my partner and I to the airport (a story unto itself). I recall the striking vitality of the wine, a contrast to the perfumed ‘14 and more delicate, fine-boned ‘13. It’s no shy wallflower, for sure, with proper acid and structure and weight. That whole-bunch character comes through beautifully, without even a hint of unripe vegetal notes. This one coerces rather than seduces, but it’s nonetheless convincing. Happy to have another bottle or two stashed away, as there’s much more to come from this one. — 6 months ago

Sam Marshmallow
with Sam
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Block 5 Pinot Noir 2010

Mid Ruby with a tawny rim. A little closed 15 minutes after decanting. Still contained and a little latent at 12 years of age. With air red berry fruits and florals and a touch of pepper. Wonderful palate intensity showing the quality of the fruit - raspberry notes coming through. One of Australia’s best Pinots although I have had better Block 5’s. — 3 days ago

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Cobaw Ridge

Syrah 2015

Whole bunch/green component coming through strongly. Old world weight and taste - peppery and spicy. Good pure fruit, but needs time to blend with the tannin and herbaceous notes. — 2 months ago


Macedon Riesling

Lime, stone fruits, honey. Could have gone another 5 years or more. This guy makes epic wine, great sparkling also will definitely be going back for more. — 5 months ago

Domaine Epis

Macedon Ranges Pinot Noir 2007

Always one of my favorites. Not the greatest vintage but still delightful at 14 years old. Thoroughly enjoyed it! — 5 months ago

Cobaw Ridge

Il Pinko Syrah Rosé 2019

Very good Rose with unusual pomegranate, watermelon rind, grapefruit spectrum challenged by a good freshness and minerality.
Drinking very well. Long
— 8 months ago

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Joshua Cooper

Doug's Vineyard-Romsey Pinot Noir 2019

Tossed in to a mix of red burgs, and it stood out as a new world pino with it's cleaner fruit and "modernity" (as G puts it, less VA?). I think it's all about the structure of the wine in comparison. Josh's was definitely lighter versus the d'Eugénie and Mugneret-Gibourg, the acid perceivably more prominent (almost steely), and minerality less so (if any at all). That's not to detract from Josh's really delicious creation, it's just different.

A light wine with heaps of flavour built around a red fruit core. Reflects the vineyard well I feel, having worked with the fruits from the Newnham family (same plot?) in 2017 and briefly in 2018 - small berries that produced lightly-coloured, aromatically charged wines with minimal tannins. This was in the same vein I feel, but Josh certainly pulled a lot more subtance out of these fruit than we did at KW. He's managed to weave in spicy, earthy, herbaceous nuances, and definitely extracted more colour. Mouthwatering acidity and commendable length. Probably the best Australian pino I've had all year (not like I had much to begin with)!
— 2 months ago

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Aaron Tan

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@Ceccherini Cristiano Wouldn't call them rivals, but I get what you mean. Josh is quite a maverick in the region. Of course there's Place of Changing Winds, which takes things to an extreme to say the least. Michael at Bindi's at the pinnacle for me. The thoughts and history behind the wines are quite remarkable, and of course the wines themselves too. And then there's Ben and Sally at Wilimee - they're really doing great things with their 5ha plot and I couldn't recommend the wines enough. Domaine Epis is another producer making unique expressions of wine. And Josh's family winery - that Lagrein is quite smth in the right years. Oh, and there's my great friend Brian at Hunter-Gatherer. Still finding his stride with his vineyard outside Romsey but clearly has the right ideas. Hahaha. You just got me really excited about the Macedon. I do love the region ❤
Aaron Tan

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@Ceccherini Cristiano Great to hear that you and the family's in a good space now. It must be beautiful. Melbourne was home for close to 11 years, and I still do think of it as our second home. For now, we're back in Malaysia. More specifically in the east (Borneo) in a city called Kuching. Hasn't been an easy two years, especially for the mind, as you said. Definitely looking brighter these days. Admittedly, i've got no idea about the wines of Calabria, let alone Pollino. Haha. That said, you're technically right in the center of wine. Can't be hard to access the great wines of Europe from where you are, and without the worry of provenance in most cases. That's a crazy task moving all your wines.
Ceccherini Cristiano

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@Aaron Tan 😄😄it does sound like we share the love for the region😄😄
and i guess Australia must have a soft spot for both of us and have its wine.
You are right in saying that everything is more accessible from here and that's definitely a plus, but my real mission has always been to find the unknown and discover new reality, you know like meeting new people, new stimulation.
I don't fancy to win easy and so i am now hardly banging my head on a lot of rough wines here in the South, but that's ok...time will come for a little win i hope😂😂. Take care and cheers my friend🙏