Les Halos De Jupiter

Les Halos de Jupiter

Gigondas Red Rhone Blend 2017

A magazine I used to love, one of the early editions I owned from September 2014 pictured above. Found it on an old bookshelf from when I shipped boxes and boxes of books to my parents home. Not sure how Monocle’s doing these days. I do wish I was 23 again, though.

Very pleasant aroma, similar to Vacqueyras appellation reds, but less peppery, more nuanced and smooth fragrances of peaches and rose petals.

Bouquet matches the flavor profile. Absolutely beautiful mouthfeel, silken and luxurious. Berry medley compote, slight black currant spice kick but not too much, vanilla, and essence of mint.

Lovely. Might as well be at a French monastery enjoying a Spring breeze. This would be great with lamb or ripe, creamy cheeses.
— a month ago

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Les Halos de Jupiter

Vacquerayas Grenache - Syrah Blend 2017

Mayhaps too sweet are the Rings of Saturn — 2 months ago

Sanguis Jovis

The Blood of Jupiter Sangiovese

Suck it in, suck it in, suck it in If you’re rin tin tin or Anne Boleyn - the hook might catch you and you go back for a second try — 2 years ago

Les Halos de Jupiter

Côtes du Rhône Red Rhone Blend 2018

Spicy and almost brambly. Grenache definitely dominant, a bit lighter than your usual CDR with lots of black pepper, some blackberry, and raspberries. Well structured acid, firm tannins, lithe but packs a punch, like a welterweight punching above its class. Fun stuff, nice match for a spicy chicken dish. — 22 days ago

Les Halos de Jupiter (Philippe Cambie)

Châteauneuf-du-Pape Grenache

Partnership congrats wine from Allyson. — 2 months ago

Les Halos de Jupiter (Philippe Cambie)

Costières de Nîmes Red Rhone Blend

Blackberry tea flavors glide along silky tannins and fan out on the backend. Good wine, especially for the price. — 9 months ago

Enlightenment Wines

Floralia Juniper Lavender Marjoram Mead

Overwhelming aroma of lavender and marjoram with a touch of Jupiter esp on the finish. Love. — 2 years ago

La Cave des Vignerons de Pfaffenheim (Pfaff)

Pfaff Cuvée Jupiter Riesling 2016

Lots of petrol, mineral and honey on the nose. The label has the color of a honey melon which suits the wine perfectly. Smooth finish and with refreshing acidity — 17 hours ago

Les Halos de Jupiter

Vacqueyras Red Rhone Blend

Quarantine materials ready. Creature comforts are getting me through this thing. Give me good coffee, pavement to pound, a pen that dances on the page, a worn notebook with still empty pages to fill, jazz weaving the air, and a bottle of wine, and I will kill all the time there is.

A magenta shawl in the glass.

Earth’s fragrance caught in a bottle. Sweet, sweet clay. Leather. Intense plums and orange zest. Sea breeze. This is a memorable and rich bouquet.

Subtle smoke quality reminiscent of the char in the bark of good brisket. A reserved dark fruit quality which is there, but just teases you as a spicy black peppercorn note swings in for a jab. It’s smooth.

An eloquence in the expression and structure. Like a mathematical proof or a line of poetry you cannot easily forget.

It slaps.
— 2 months ago

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Kröver Paradies Spätlese Riesling ** 2007

Nose has this crazy level of richness. Dense honeyed. Not at all what I expected. Almost like an old wine from the northern Rhône. Palate exhibits typical mosel green apple but it is enrobed in amazing richness. Mineral. Acids. Not over the top as the acids go toe to toe. Wow. Finish is heaven. For the top god. Zeus. Odin. Jupiter. Not the god of gutters or anything. Wow. So long. Was prepared to like this. Not to bow down before it. If wine collectors tried This wine it would cost $100 on release. Needs 45 minutes to show. Bought from Fass Selections. — 2 years ago

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