Kingswood Cider

Blake's Hard Cider Co.

Mimosa Lite Cider

Blakes Hard Cider Lite - Mimosa. Tastes like a dry cider with an orange tick tak in your mouth. More complex than other ciders — 4 days ago

Blake's Hard Cider Co.

Lite Cider Strawberry Kiwi Cider

Blakes Lite Strawberry Kiwi cider. So refreshing. Bill says it tastes like a jolly rancher. I love it. — a month ago

Bardos Cider

Mestizo Winter Walker Dry Cider

This is not psychic wines. Bardos is a cider producer in Sonoma County, CA. Anyway this cider is outstanding. The next of minerality, seaside flavors, also some tart stone fruit, pears, and a ton of funky barnyard. Buying scidity but it integrates really nice. Aftertaste is sea brine, lemon/lime, tart green apple skin, and pears. Fascinating. Love it. — 25 days ago

Hudson North Cider Company

Ginger Citrus Dry Hazy Cider 2019

Dry hazy cider in a can makes me happy. — 7 days ago

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Woodchuck Hard Cider

Summer Time Blueberry

Summer hard cider, blended with blueberry juice, 9% alc/vol. Frothy, creamy, dryish, highly quaffable. Worth a try if it’s still available, and yes, not all that apple-y, but goes down so well with some chill — 9 days ago

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La Garagista Farm + Winery

Stolen Roses Sparkling Rose Cider

Mary W

Color was beautiful - rose cider - very dry- not much to compare it to? - drank it while wrapping presents on Christmas Eve — 24 days ago

Blake's Hard Cider Co.

Lite Cider Melon

Blakes Melon Lite Hard cider. Melon is refreshing and makes the cider not too sweet. — a month ago


Small Batch No. BH1 Farmhouse Cider

For transcribers: Producer is Shacksbury, name is Small Batch No. BH1
Wild Apples, 6.5% ABV, 45 cases produced (bought during their November cellar release)
— 15 hours ago

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Classic Dry Cider

Goddamnit. The donkey got sucker punched in the face tonight with this dry mix of cider spiders. Aghbughuh. So tasty, I drank 14 of these mofos by accident before tuning to the whiskey cabinet. Where’s uncle Louis? I need a smoke. — a month ago

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Hiyu Wine Farm

Floréal Cider

Number 3. The power of suggestion on this one is interesting. The straw pressing makes me taste a lot of hay. Overall super funky with lemons, tart oranges, a bit of cream, kumquats, straw, and a bit of baked apple. This one got better with air and some warmth. Really interesting but would not buy a case. More like a one off to try every year. — a month ago

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