Jean Luc Colombo

Jean-Luc Colombo

La Divine Côte-Rôtie Syrah 2011

Who doesn’t love Côte Rôtie? Always one of the best expressions of Syrah but this one is fun. A mild garnet with little hints of brownish tinges. The nose on this is truly magnificent with black olives, beautiful spice, and dark fruit. Despite the name, this is wonderfully rustic instead of being delicate. Dry and dusty, there’s enough fruit here but it doesn’t abound. Smooth tannins and medium plus acidity. Leather and green pepper on the palate with smoke and blackberries complimenting. Less refined than I was expecting but a lot more fun too. — 7 days ago

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Anne et Jean-Francois Ganevat

Mon Luc Vin Pétillant Pinot Gris

I can drink this all day! So fukn good! — 9 days ago

Domaine de la Loue

Côtes du Jura Trousseau 2016

@ chez Jean Luc Houillon
Beacoup d’energie
— a month ago

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Jean-Luc Colombo

Les Abeilles Côtes du Rhône Red Rhone Blend 2015

Phenomenal value in a Rhône wine. I forget how much I paid at Costco, but not much. Going back a week later was a loss, all gone. Not hard to recognize. — 6 days ago

Jean-Luc Colombo

Côte-Rôtie Syrah 2012

95% Syrah and 5% Viognier. Juicy cherries, currants then followed by olives. Initially there is a fair amount of acidity (limes) that dissipates after thirty minutes or so then revealing instead a smoky finish. — 15 days ago

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Jean-Luc Colombo

Les Abeilles Côtes du Rhône Blanc Roussanne Clairette Blanche 2016

Nice deep flavor. Enjoying with veal at Le Rubis in Paris. — a month ago

Jean Luc et Paul Aegerter

Réserve Personnelle Mâcon-Villages Chardonnay 2015

Buttery but some acidic balance. Great with buttermilk roasted chicken and broccoli — 3 months ago

Jean-Luc Colombo

La Redonne Côtes du Rhône White Rhone Blend 2016

Ohhhhh blendy blend. I mean this is mostly Viognier but that saucy Roussanne kicks in with its sense of at least a modicum of balance that is well-employed. Down with this Viognier-strong blend. It says: random herbs, sprinkles of cinnamon bark shards and canned tangerine a gelatine mold? I’m not sure (having not eaten gelatin since before vegetarian days) but something sorta unctuous but fresh, ripe but..also new. I’ll just chill here happily with the bottle. But I should probably go to bed. — 24 days ago

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Jean-Luc Colombo

Cape Bleue Rosé Blend 2018

Light but very flavorful - slightly fruity and smooth — 5 days ago

Jean-Luc Colombo

Les Collines de Laure Syrah 2017

Very good for the price. I suggest to decant this wine 2 hours to taste all its subtle and rich aromatic notes. Syrah is light and nuanced while being assertive, it's really a nice discovery! — a month ago