Jean Baptiste Menigoz

Jean-Baptiste Menigoz

La Pépée Arbois Pinot 2016

Light complex PN with unique terroir — a month ago

Château Lynch-Moussas

Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend 1989

David T

Whenever I have a really older bottle of wine, I think, what was I doing in this case 1989?

About this time of year, I was walking into Candlestick Park for the Bay Bridge World Series while this wine was fermenting. I was walking through the parking lot when the 89 earthquake hit. It was like Godzilla was a Gopher tunneling under my feet. The stadium erupted with a resounding cheer. Earthquake during the World Series...yeah! It wasn’t until an hour later that hard reality set in.

This Chateau Lynch-Moussas is a recent direct purchase from the Negotiant. 89 was a pretty good Bordeaux year. So, why not see how a 5th Growth producer wine evolved over 30 years. It’s a treat to enjoy wine with this much age.

While Lynch-Mousses has improved vastly in more recent vintages, back in the day, they made some nice wines but, not great. This wine shows beauty & elegance but, it lacks fundamental elements of high quality. However, its fruit and structure have held up nicely over the years.

The nose reveals a fair amount of; barnyard, mushrooms, ripe; blackberries dark currants, dark cherries, black raspberries & strawberries on the edges of the glass. Black plum skin, dark chocolate, raspberry cola, mocha, caramel, clove, nutmeg, burnt cinnamon, tarriness, graphite, leather, old tobacco, dark spice, dry herbs, dark, rich, black earth, stones, dry brush, steeped tea with withering red & dark florals.

The body is still full and round. The fruits are still ripe & slightly candied. The wine is still holding an interesting drinking window, it’s on the decline. While that sounds not good, I find them in this phase infinitely more interesting. Ripe; blackberries dark currants, dark cherries, black raspberries & some strawberries. Black plum with skin, dark chocolate, raspberry cola, mocha, caramel, clove, nutmeg, burnt cinnamon, vanillin, tarriness, graphite, leather, old tobacco, dark spice, dry herbs, dark, rich, forest floor, mushrooms, stones, touch of limestone minerals & crush rocks, dry brush, steeped tea with withering red & dark florals with violets. The acidity is round & excellent. The long finish is; rich, ripe, well balanced & intergraded with long drier but, very floral persistence.

Excellent with our steaks. Still has another 5-7 years of good drinking ahead with excellent storage. I also miss the 12-13% ABV of the 80’s Bordeaux’s.

Photos of; the entrance view of Chateau Lynch-Moussas, Count Jean-Baptiste Lynch of Ireland and Chateau founded in the 1800’s, the owner/operator since 1961 - Emile Casteja and their barrel room.
— 2 months ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

Peter van den Besselaar Influencer Badge

Fine description. Trustful and with respect for vintners. I like that, thx
Norman Gennaro

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Was in the Bay Area and remember the earthquake and my boss’s husband calling the office saying the bay bridge had collapsed. I clearly remember laughing and telling him it was just an earthquake...calm down.

Jean-Baptiste Adam

Alsace Gewürztraminer Reserve 2018

Lu Day

Sweet, smooth and with a bit rose flavor. — 16 days ago

Domaine Charlotte & Jean-Baptiste Senat

Amalgame Minervois Grenache Noir Blend 2018

Really neat blend of Grenache Blanc, Grenache Gris, and Grenache. Passionfruit on the nose and palate. Soft and crushable. — 2 months ago

Jean Baptiste Ponsot

Montpalais Rully 1er Cru Chardonnay 2015

Buttery, med+ acidic, minerality, and a crisp but lingering finish which was the best part. Great wine.

Bought at favorite SF grocery store. First had red from same producer at Oct.
— 3 months ago

Jean-Baptiste Granier

Les Vignes Oubliees Terrasses Du Larzac

Upon recommendation from the wine ship guy, i opened this 2-3 hours before tasting, which was good, except for tge fact that it got too warm. I popped it back in the fridge for 20 minutes and then it was perfect. Very fruit forward and fresh with a nice structure despite its youth (2017 tasted in August 2019). All the guests loved it. — 4 months ago

Jean-Baptiste Menigoz

Aléas Ploussard Blend 2017

A spiced melange of interesting - this was medium in body and full of nuance. — 2 months ago

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Louis Roederer

Cristal Brut Rosé 2008

At the Come Taste the Stars Dinner hosted by Tyson Stelzer. Tyson was gobsmacked by this Champagne giving it 100 points. The colour was Salmon with a touch of copper. Strawberry notes with rose petals. Louis Roederer have been working hard on their biodynamic regime in the vineyard. Biodynamics create greater vigour in the vine allowing the roots to penetrate deeper into the chalk. Incredible depth length and precision - stays in the mouth for minutes. Only 31 bottles came to Australia and 8 bottles used up on this dinner. One could write pages about the production techniques used in this Rose Champagne - like Carbonic Maceration of the Pinot bunches by Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon the winemaker. At Montrachet Restaurant in Brisbane. — 2 months ago

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Clive McNish

Clive McNish

Nice set of reviews 🥂
Bob McDonald

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Thanks Clive - 3 more to go.
Clive McNish

Clive McNish

Saw the rest, that’s a top evening.

Jean-Baptiste Souillard

St. Joseph Janoune SYRAH 2016

Jeremy Shanker

KILLER Saint Joseph — 3 months ago

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Jean-Baptiste Adam

Les Natures Alsace Pinot Gris 2016

Not the Pinot Gris but the Noir. Lovely light ruby red pinot noir. Very nice with veal, cheese fondue, chicken... light footed with a bit bitter sweet after taste. — 4 months ago

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