Fairweather Cider Co

Eric Bordelet

Poiré Authentique Pear Cider

The good stuff — 2 months ago

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Eric Bordelet

Poiré Granit 2021

2021 | Sparkling Perry Cider
Eric Bordelet; Poiré Granit
Normandy, France
(90-92; Drink 2025-31)
— 8 months ago

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Alan Weinberg

Alan Weinberg

the stuff ages well also. Just had a 6 yr old bottle.

Cidrerie du Vulcain

Cidre Premiers Emois 2016

Soft and bubbly, apple champagne. Flavorful but subtle enough that it can be paired as a desert wine. — 5 years ago

Cyril Zangs

This Side Up Cider

So drinkable and refreshing — 3 months ago


Iscider 33° Brix Apple Cider

Delicious and super tart apple ice cider fortified with apple@brandy I think this would be great for guests. Tart enough to make your cheeks squirm. — 4 years ago

Isastegi Sagardotegia

Sagardo Naturala Apple Cider

Quite tart. A new favorite for tapas! — 5 years ago

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Eric Bordelet

Sidre Tendre

Eric Bordelet plants & maintains over 20 varieties of apples to achieve the sweet / bitter / sour balance in this dry cider. Organic & Biodynamic, it tastes like biting into the fruit itself. — 5 years ago

Balletto Vineyards

Cider Ridge Vineyard Pinot Noir 2019

I tried this last year and it was a bit tight. Now drinking really well in late '23, even better after some breathing time.
New French oak gives it a nice spice balance to the fruit- rather persimmon like actually. Fair texture. Deliciously long finish accompanied by a nice acid kick that carries the spice. Maybe a little bit hot for my taste.
— 8 months ago

Son of Man Sagardo

Basque Cider

Shake well. Pour from height. — 4 years ago

Eric Bordelet

Sydre Argelette

Bordelet All Day! — 5 years ago