Albahra Tintorera Garnacha 2016

French meets Italian (acid). Effervescence notes upon opening. Very Rhôney with some whole cluster feels. Medium minus body and quite tart/sour. Nice complexities, not exactly delicious, but does over deliver. Paid $23 retail. Needs food and not for everyone. — 3 days ago


Lousas Parcela Seoane Mencía 2014

Get some. Mencia drinking like Bouj. — a month ago


Lousas Parcela Camiño Novo Ribeira Sacra Mencía 2018

Colin Shirek

Could drink this forever! — a month ago


Táganan Parcela Amogoje Malvasia Blend 2014

Intense and mineral and has so much potential, but didn't deliver beauty. Perhaps more cerebral than good! — 2 months ago

Stephen SolakaMichael Wynholds
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Lousas Viñas de Aldea Mencía

Really had a personality. It’s roots are what give this natural wine a uniqueness and depth. The taste has history, and for some that history can taste like the linoleum tiles in the locker room of a swimming pool —it leaves an impression nonetheless. — 5 days ago

Emilio Ramirez Envinate

Benje Blanco 2016

Envinate bringing the funk. And acidity, apricots, and all around awesomeness. — 10 days ago


Parcela Camino Novo Mencia 2015


Nice earthy floral tones — 2 months ago


Táganan Vinos Atlánticos White Blend 2016

Peaches, apricots, sherry like oxidative nuttiness. Juicy but also multidimensional. Salty flinty acidic kick at the end. Understand why all the buzz about these! — 10 days ago

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Emilio Ramirez Envinate

Benje Tinto Red 2016

Felipe Ferreiro

Vino claro, intensidad pálida, color púrpura. Nariz limpia, intensidad media, primaria y terciario, joven aromas fruta roja, rosa, pimienta negra. Boca seco, acidez media, tanino medio, alcohol bajo, poco cuerpo, intensidad media +, sabores primarios, final medio +. Muy buena calidad, se puede beber ahora y tiene potencial. — 15 days ago

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