Dutcher Crossing

Chalkers Crossing

Hilltops Shiraz 2014

One of the QPR Australian wines of all time - see previous notes from 167 weeks ago. Winner of at least 10 trophies on the Australian Wine Show circuit and costing around $20. Made by French winemaker Celine Rousseau, in the cool climate Hilltops district of NSW. This is the last of an original 2 dozen. — 2 months ago

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Cheval des Andes

Mendoza Malbec Blend 2014

How to drink Old World without crossing the Atlantic. Amazing, amazing presence with deep cassis, leather, charcoal and dried twigs. Don't ask me where that last one came from. Elegant, refined, and remarkable - one of the best South American wines I've ever had. — 5 months ago

Tait Wines

The Border Crossing Old Vines McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Full-bodied, rich, powerful. A solid choice. Will be a crowd pleaser. — 9 months ago

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Dutcher Crossing

Proprietor's Reserve Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel 2015

2015 Zin with 13% Petite Sirah provides one of the smoothest palates you will get from the first taste throughout. Enjoy it by itself. — 3 months ago

Domaine de Chassorney

Les Roncerets Volnay 1er Cru Pinot Noir 2014

So so deep. A perfect example of when varying volnay 1er can ‘easily stand up to neighboring grand crus’. At first this came off like an ambitious Cali pinot but the complexity underneath the ripeness and dry extract was too bold to deny. This continued to unfold perfectly into a strong bouquet of dark dried flowers and earth at times crossing into motor oil, tires, dark leather car interior. The balance between freshness, density, ripeness, delicacy, feminine, and masculine is undeniable in this wine. Cossard is absolutely a master flexing in his ability. Winemaking, including viticulture, for this must be a proprietary technique. Obviously not even a touch of sulfur or additive manipulation in this wine. Completely wild and I still would never expect this to deteriorate over time. This is well worth the $100 or so that you will spend on this. I think any other producer putting out character like this in a wine would cost twice the price. Cossard is not necessarily under the radar but I have a feeling this style is not as embraced as it could be. — 4 months ago

Produttori del Barbaresco

Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2012

David T

The nose reveals; sweet & sour dark cherries, deeply, ripe & juicy strawberries, rhubarb & cranberry crossing, plum liqueur, blackberries, blueberries, candied raspberries, dark chocolate, limestone minerals, sandstone, anise to black licorice, dry, crushed rocks with blue, red, dark, fresh & withering florals with fields of violets.

The body is still firm, thick, grainy and full. The structure, tension are still tight. The length and balance are working their way into adolescence. Sweet & sour dark cherries, deeply, ripe & juicy strawberries, black raspberries, juicy, black plum, rhubarb & cranberry crossing, plum liqueur, blackberries, blueberries, candied raspberries, caramel, clove, touch of nutmeg, vanilla, dark chocolate, semi-sweet tarriness, understated herbaceousiness, limestone minerals, powdery sandstone leather, dry tobacco, saddle-wood to cedar plank, dark spice, sandstone, anise to black licorice, dry, crushed rocks with blue, red, dark, fresh & withering florals with fields of violets.

It’s still a youthful wine with another 10-15 years ahead.

Photos of; the hilltop town of Barbaresco with the Produttori tasting room underneath and right of the tower, the Produttori tasting room and the co-op of Produttori. Third largest in Europe.
— 4 months ago

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E & K G

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Always great quality for price! Cheers 🍷
Severn Goodwin

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I'm afraid to open any Barbaresco younger than this, I shy away until they have at least a 10th birthday. Nice notes.


Claret Shiraz 1971

This wine was shamelessly young
I could not absorb this information
I tasted it 10 years ago and I thought it was good and fairly holding up; now, this is my second bottle of the month, the other wasn't perfect, but this one, mamma mia, had a freshness that you might find in a good sangiovese. This bottle could have laid down for another 10 years easily.
Maybe not super long aftertaste, but the flavors and scents are ever changing and never ending.
To buy again and keep, crossing your fingers that you put your hands on a perfect bottle like this one.
Yes, it is 1971.
— 8 months ago

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Domaine William Fèvre

Champs Royaux Chablis Chardonnay 2017

Smooth Chablis (Chardonnay) with citrus and apple notes and mild acidity, at Legal Crossing in Boston — 9 months ago