Caymus Vineyards

Suisun Valley Grand Durif 2019

Breaking dry Jan by breaking bread with the guys, always worth it, always seems to be right around the 21st - maybe my months are always destined to be 3 weeks long — 5 days ago

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Didn’t this happen last year, too?
S.S. Mandani

S.S. Mandani

@romo yup think it’s a tradition now, and my friends can bad influences, that’s why I love em!


Limited Release Parola's Durif 2015

Just about my favourite wine. Superb! — 3 months ago

John RobertsonCheryl thomson
with John and Cheryl


Venturer Series Riverina Durif 2020

Is it amazing? Can’t say that. Is it really “durify”? Not that either. But it is pretty good. Low harshness and no sourness. — 6 months ago

Westend Estate Wines

Three Bridges Calabria Durif 2019

Very good. First: a red currant, then vanilla and pepper. But with a dry finish. It's an elegant wine. Simple and this is the strenght of it. — 5 days ago


Black Duck Durif 2020

Bright raspberry and blackberry, well integrated oak, nice grip, lifted finish. Packs a punch while maintaining balance. Tremendous value. — a month ago


The Playground Dr. Frank's Big Black One Barossa Valley Durif

Inky black and delicious! More luscious than Rutherglen durif the tannin much softer. Lovely Friday night drinking. — 6 months ago

Dark Corner

Durif Shiraz 2020

Full and long flavored, with a nice bite at the end. Consistent with late November tasting. Tasted 2 January 2022 — 24 days ago


Ácrata Portada Durif Blend 2018

De mis fav de la vida! — 10 days ago


Salvatore Malbec Blend 2020

Very nice. Definitely can taste a bit of blueberry. Nicely rounded for a young wine. I'd love to try this in 5 years time. I reckon it would be magic then. — 5 months ago

19 Crimes

Victoria Shiraz Durif 2019

On my list for one of best vintages I had in awhile. I am most impressed. — 6 months ago