Delinquente Wine Co.

Badet Clément & Co.

Révélation Vin de Pays d'Oc Cabernet Merlot 1919

Color of purple with a bit cloudy copper tone on the rim, decent legs. Nose of dried strawberry and aldehyde, spicy, ripe grapes, a bit leather, vanilla, and oily pat. Nose is quite nice. Taste is mellow, almost no tannins with refined dark fruits sweetness, quite silky with hidden bittersweet zest. Aftertaste is medium with more vanilla and zest notes. Smooth one. — 2 days ago

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Stone Brewing Co.

Neverending Haze IPA

Cider-esque haziness sports spongy fluff with bouncy bubbles, sheet lacing which tears to brains folds, or nut interiors. Lemon-lime and grapefruit gummies explode dangly. Apricots, tangerines, lemongrass and ginger nose. Briny grapefruit with iodized aspects, and shimmery mineral plating. Sweetness imperceptible; glistening acid trails. Clementine peel bite.
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— 19 days ago

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Palmer & Co

Brut Champagne Blend 2012

some apple and orchard fruit but loads of limeade ~ nougat and ginger — 23 days ago

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Stone Brewing Co.

an amazingly Hazy IPA

Speckled floater nebula of golden light in stasis. Perfect crown of bright ivory flaunts an undulating lacing landscape. Equine. Jalapeño freshness, chive, pear, and ghostly grapefruit. Floral with jasmine, peach blossom, carnation, daisy, and strawberry. Creamy clouds of orange, tangerine, grapefruit creme, vanilla blossom, lemon nougat, almond, lemon soda, quinine, tartaric resonance, lemon-lime alkaseltzer. .
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— 13 days ago

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La Jota Vineyard Co.

Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

First on the nose hint of flowers. Smooth blending of currants, apple, and fig together with oak and smoke. Rich and thick tannins then unfold and dominate a mildly acidic and long finish. — 14 days ago

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Rock Wall Wine Co.

Papa's Syrah 2016

Very nice syrah. Well balanced, nice lingering finish. Lots of fruit on the nose. Fruit forward in the pallet. Although high in alcohol it doesn't drink that way. It isn't hot in the least. — 6 days ago

Thackrey & Co

Pleiades XXVII Old Vine California Red Table Wine

What he said. See above. Thanks for the wine, Tom! — 10 days ago

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Matchbook Wine Co.

Estate Bottled Petit Sirah 2005

A go to wine for me. Pairs great with steak or just as a table wine by itself. TGIF! — a day ago

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Like your table decor.🍂 Happy Friday!🍷

Cruse Wine Co.

Monkey Jacket North Coast Red Blend 2019

Crunchy red fruits, floral, slightly thin. Great QPR, a vin de soif! — 9 days ago

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La Jota Vineyard Co.

Howell Mountain Cabernet Franc 2011

Very tanic in the beginning. Much smoother after some time — 43 minutes ago