Cider Blend

Almar Orchards

J.K.'s Scrumpy Orchard Gate Gold Hard Cider

Opened at Bluebird with Rick, Nick, Tom & Andy. Cider leftover from Thanksgiving. — 13 days ago


Black Fox Cider

Good head on pour. Clean perfumed aromas. Good carbonation in mouth, slightly syrupy mouthfeel, semisweet but good acidity. Solid traditional English cider. My sister-in-law’s favorite too. 6.9% alc/vol — 11 days ago

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Isastegi Sagardotegia

Sagardo Naturala Apple Cider

Lovely and bracing. Almost too sour for me but quite tasty. I can see this cider going with a wide range of victuals. There’s just a tutch of the funky brininess that is almost like olives. I like that it’s crisp and isn’t too cloying. Pass the jamon! — 2 days ago

Dancing Hares Vineyard

Proprietary Napa Valley Red Blend 2012

It's time for some #MerlotThursday.
Here is a delicious Merlot - Cabernet blend from Napa Valley.

Dark ruby in color with a nice reddish rim.

Fruity nose of blackberries, blueberries, figs, raisins, vanilla, sweet oak, spices, chocolates, peppercorn, dark coffee, light earth, tobacco, pencil lead and leather.

Full bodied, bold and smooth, with medium minus acidity and long legs.

Dry and extremely fruity on the palate with blackberries, black currants, sweet cherries, figs, raisins, vanilla, light cedar, leather, spices, chocolates, tobacco, mocha, coke, earth and peppercorn.

Long finish with fine grained tannins, tangy raspberries and spices.

This is a gorgeous Napa Valley red blend from a great vintage. Showing great complexity and mouthfeel. Rich, extracted, bold and beautiful. Big mouthfeel with a spicy finish.

Although very tasty now, this 7 year old still has a long long time in it. Very powerful.

A great wine to have all by itself. I loved smelling on it for a long while.

Robert Parker 93 points.

Good right out of the bottle and better as it opens up (90 minutes). I love these Napa Bordeaux blends.

Thank you Barry for sharing.

A blend of 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 32% Merlot, 26% Cabernet Franc and 7% Petit Verdot. Aged in French oak barrels for 2 years.

14.8% alcohol by volume.

96 points.

— 7 hours ago

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Grande Réserve Brut Champagne Blend

David T

Champagne is for celebrating, not that I need a celebratory reason to open a bottle as I am hooked on champagne. 💉

However, after installing 27 solar panels and waiting an additional seven weeks for my Tesla, I/we have almost erased our carbon footprint. Finally picked it up today. I believe we all need to do our part to save the glorious vines that bring so much happiness to our lives. 🍷🥂👍

As for the Baron Fuentes, the is a very good Champange and is perhaps the best QPR out of Champagne at $24.99.

Bright lemon, lime, grapefruit w/ sugar, bruised red apple & pear, touch of ginger & cider, bread dough, baguette crust, sea spray, white spice with some palate heat, sea fossils, grey volcanic minerals, spring flowers, lilacs and yellow lilies. The acidity is bright, crisp and lively. The finish is smartly polished, well balanced and persistent for minutes.

Whoo hoo! So close to carbon free! 🍾🥂
— 12 days ago

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Sharon B

Sharon B

Very nice car!
David T

David T Influencer Badge

@Sharon B Thank you. Just happy to not be buying or burning gas anymore! 👍 Cheers!🥂🍷


Bajta Rosé Blend

Natural wine, slightly sweet, peachy. Reminiscent of a cider. — 2 days ago

Gargiulo Vineyards

Aprile Super Oakville Blend Sangiovese Blend 2014

Has been 2.5 years since I've visited this one. Still a lot of youthful qualities to it. Still almost a bracing acidity up front but the fruit profile shines through. Tart cherry blossoms, raspberry cola, dirty red flower. Middle of this one kind of gains a tangerine rind and a tart cherry finish. Went exceptionally well with pork chops but not so much the salad with the cider vinegar dressing. Solid 92 though. I don't think this one is at the top of the hill yet but it's not far away. I'd wait another year IMO. — 20 days ago

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Thierry Thibault

T des Thibault Brut Champagne Blend

David T

Thought we’d try something new. Recommendation from the the Champange Buyer at K&L, Gary Westby.

The nose reveals; green & golden apple, apple cider, overripe pineapple juices, lime, lemon, kiwi, Bosc pear, understated, apricot liqueur notes, candy bar nougat, walnut skin, hazelnuts, bread dough, yeastiness, soft; chalkiness, sea fossils, grey minerals, yellow lilies, lilacs and spring flowers.

Green apple leaps onto to the palate followed by; golden apple, apple cider, overripe pineapple juices, lime, lemon meringue, cream, kiwi, Bosc pear, understated, apricot liqueur notes, delicate mousse, micro-micro bubbles, candy bar nougat, walnut skin, hazelnuts, bread dough, yeastiness, chalkiness is a little more gritty than the nose, sea fossils, grey minerals, soft, white spice with just a touch palate heat, yellow lilies, mixed greens, lilacs and spring flowers. The acidity is gentle & quite nice. The finish has nice finesse, well balanced, polished & persists minutes.

Smartly priced at $29.99. Buy it while it’s in, doesn’t last more than days.

Photos of; Gary Westby with the father-Daniel Thibault & son winemaking team, Daniel Thibault and a Marne vineyard vista.

Producer notes: Daniel Thibault, the chef-de-cave of Charles and Piper Heidsieck for over two decades. After inheriting two hectares of the family vines over 15 years ago, Thierry decided to produce his own champagne from them.

Champagne note: this is a blend of equal parts Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier from estate-grown fruit in the Western Valley of the Marne.
— 19 days ago

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Ten Towers Cider Co.

Gravitas A Serious Cider

Pale yellow brown in color. Some apple variety character in nose. Semisweet, good apple flavor, slightly skin astringency in finish. 6.3% alc/vol. — 12 days ago

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I was surprised to see this was cider. I thought wine because of the bottle. Cheers!🍎🥃

Stella Artois

European Style Cider

Sweet and dry, L O V E😍 — a month ago