Viña Almaviva S.A.

Almaviva Puente Alto Red Blend 2014

This is one hell of a wine, and anyone who likes a bolder style of Cabernet will agree. Plenty of vanilla and toast but still nicely integrated. Considerable intensity, hugely juicy and some spice. I can't say that I drink much from Chile and when I do it tends to be more on the budget side. This is not that. Impressive stuff. — 11 days ago

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Cacique Maravilla

Pipeño País 2015

Holy crap does this wine have funky character and an electric personality. Pop this one when you have a loud, laughter filled table, or when you're alone reading Gogol, or when you're looking at David Shrigley drawings, or to help you decide what your next tattoo should be. — 21 days ago

Terra Noble

Gran Reserva Carignan

Wow completely surprised by this wine.
So aromatic.... strawberry, and pomengranite aromas
Cranberry, raspberry, sun dried strawberry, and white pepper.
A unique wine that is good on its own or with a wide variety of foods.
— 2 days ago

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Terra Andina

Scandalous Carmenere 2013

This is a great Carmenère! Very fruity, full bodied and smooth. Perfect! — 14 days ago

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Very nice! Enjoy Sharon! 🍷


Reserve Merlot 2016

This is the best Merlot I have ever tried! Love it. — 8 days ago

Casas del Bosque

Gran Reserva Maipo Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Color of deep purple quite clear. Nose of nice leather, cherry, tobacco leaves, and nice mesmerizing alcohol. Very tasty and full body. Taste of cherries, peach, raisins, leather, a bit peppery, and pronounced tobacco leaves. Aftertaste of mellow tannins, peppery, and residual acidity and sweetness. Nice one. — 15 days ago

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Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah Carmenere 2013

Fantastic wine, smooth, easy drinking and slightly complex with a nice palate of dark berries. — 3 days ago

Roberto Henriquez

Santa Cruz de Coya País 2016

Beautiful. Love this producer. Chilean natural wine. 11% — 8 days ago

Lucky Duck

Chile Cabernet Sauvignon

Best wine to have on stock at all times #3buckchuck — 17 days ago

Hunter Faubion
with Hunter
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Baron Philippe de Rothschild

Anderra Carménère 2012


Smooth, bold and flavorful! — 14 days ago