Château La Creation

Bending Branch Winery

Estate Picpoul Blanc 2021

This Texas wine has a nice golden hue and a nose which sports apricots, Meyer lemons, wet-sidewalk minerality, salinity and a touch of lanolin. The palate is just as wonderful, with stone fruit, minerals, spices and herbs. The acidity is as great as advertised. This wine should pair well with seafood, salads or sandwiches - I had mine with a salami and cheese creation on rosemary sourdough and it was fabulous. — 20 days ago

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Gargiulo Vineyards

G Major 7 Study 575 OVX Estate Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2016

Outstanding California creation! Treat from Jay W. Had it with charcuteries and could have drank it all night. Great out of the bottle and spectacular as it opened up. — 3 months ago

Château Simone

Palette Grand Cru de Provence White Rhone Blend 2011

Better on day 1 than day 2.
Wine Shop & Spectator notes as follows,

The white from Simone is a truly unique creation based primarily on Clairette that is supplemented with Grenache Blanc, Bourboulenc, Ugni Blanc and a touch of Muscat Blanc. The white, brisk in its youth, animated by a bouquet of pine-resin, evolves slowly into a sensual masterpiece with its lingering finish built on a mass of minerality. This is a remarkably age-worthy wine with the potential to give ever-more pleasure over a span two decades or more." -Rosenthal Wine Merchants "Distinctive, with hints of singed almond and wet straw out front, followed by melon rind, dried chamomile, bitter orange and toasted shortbread notes. Offers a waxy feel through the finish, presenting a thread of bitter almond." -Wine Spectator
— 4 months ago

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Three Sketches of a Dream Roussanne Viognier 2014

This is an amazing Roussanne/Viognier blend from Sanguis called Three Sketches of a Dream. 2014, released earlier this year. Highly recommend and indistinguishable from SQN. This has serious depth of flavor and acidity to keep it all together. The finish is long and enjoyable with honey and some citrus notes and maybe cantelope? Gorgeous wine. Serve at cellar temp and let her go. Hats off to Mattias and Elliot on another superb creation. — 2 months ago

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Shay A

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Definitely intrigued by this. Thanks for the note.

Dominio de Pingus

PSI Ribera del Duero Tempranillo 2012

Peter Sisseck’s creation, amongst the Flor de Pingus and Pingus wines. This wine is neither of them, but still a very good Ribera del Duero. PSI is medium bodied, dark red, with flavours of blackberry, cherry, some chocolate, predominantly from Tempranillo and a bit of Garnacha. — 4 months ago

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La Floridita

Bonus Track Red Blend 2020

Pink grapefruit wild cherry, coffee, smoke, eucalyptus, wildflowers, underbrush touch of licorice and cardamom coupled with herbal, saline and bitter almond highlights… Simply wonderful and unique creation: intriguing, delicious and fascinating it will not leave anyone indifferent… Suertes del Marques are making some of the best wines in the world right now ! Period !! … This is alchemy !! — 6 months ago

Joshua Cooper

Doug's Vineyard-Romsey Pinot Noir 2019

Tossed in to a mix of red burgs, and it stood out as a new world pino with it's cleaner fruit and "modernity" (as G puts it, less VA?). I think it's all about the structure of the wine in comparison. Josh's was definitely lighter versus the d'Eugénie and Mugneret-Gibourg, the acid perceivably more prominent (almost steely), and minerality less so (if any at all). That's not to detract from Josh's really delicious creation, it's just different.

A light wine with heaps of flavour built around a red fruit core. Reflects the vineyard well I feel, having worked with the fruits from the Newnham family (same plot?) in 2017 and briefly in 2018 - small berries that produced lightly-coloured, aromatically charged wines with minimal tannins. This was in the same vein I feel, but Josh certainly pulled a lot more subtance out of these fruit than we did at KW. He's managed to weave in spicy, earthy, herbaceous nuances, and definitely extracted more colour. Mouthwatering acidity and commendable length. Probably the best Australian pino I've had all year (not like I had much to begin with)!
— 7 months ago

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Aaron Tan

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@Ceccherini Cristiano Wouldn't call them rivals, but I get what you mean. Josh is quite a maverick in the region. Of course there's Place of Changing Winds, which takes things to an extreme to say the least. Michael at Bindi's at the pinnacle for me. The thoughts and history behind the wines are quite remarkable, and of course the wines themselves too. And then there's Ben and Sally at Wilimee - they're really doing great things with their 5ha plot and I couldn't recommend the wines enough. Domaine Epis is another producer making unique expressions of wine. And Josh's family winery - that Lagrein is quite smth in the right years. Oh, and there's my great friend Brian at Hunter-Gatherer. Still finding his stride with his vineyard outside Romsey but clearly has the right ideas. Hahaha. You just got me really excited about the Macedon. I do love the region ❤
Aaron Tan

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@Ceccherini Cristiano Great to hear that you and the family's in a good space now. It must be beautiful. Melbourne was home for close to 11 years, and I still do think of it as our second home. For now, we're back in Malaysia. More specifically in the east (Borneo) in a city called Kuching. Hasn't been an easy two years, especially for the mind, as you said. Definitely looking brighter these days. Admittedly, i've got no idea about the wines of Calabria, let alone Pollino. Haha. That said, you're technically right in the center of wine. Can't be hard to access the great wines of Europe from where you are, and without the worry of provenance in most cases. That's a crazy task moving all your wines.
Ceccherini Cristiano

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@Aaron Tan 😄😄it does sound like we share the love for the region😄😄
and i guess Australia must have a soft spot for both of us and have its wine.
You are right in saying that everything is more accessible from here and that's definitely a plus, but my real mission has always been to find the unknown and discover new reality, you know like meeting new people, new stimulation.
I don't fancy to win easy and so i am now hardly banging my head on a lot of rough wines here in the South, but that's ok...time will come for a little win i hope😂😂. Take care and cheers my friend🙏

Domaine Maestracci

Clos Reginu Corse Calvi Red Blend 2017

Garnet verging on brick.
I smell very earthy aromas; horse farm, camp fire and soot.
A real stranger on the pallete. First I'm hit with a red fruit, not cherry or any of the common fruit notes- something more natural and tart, not as tart as a cranberry but I'm thinking of mixed dried currants with fresh goose berries and the Sirah comes through with a touch of black pepper and there is just a touch of effervescence from this natural creation.

35% niellucciu 30% grenache 15% sciaccarellu 15% sirah 5% mouvedre
Thank you Kermit Lynch for bringing in this taste of Corsica!
— 2 months ago

Burgo Viejo

Crianza Rioja Tempranillo Blend 2018

Smells blackberry, oak & spices. Well balanced, smooth drink. Beautiful Creation! Impressed. — 3 months ago

Weingut Kees-Kieren

Graacher Domprobst Auslese *** Riesling Auction 2016

Jan A

Honeyed burnt citrus with muted apricots. Long finish. Quote from the winery:

The Graacher Domprobst is a “Große Lage”. Even before 1800 it was known that top wines can be produced from this site. The name Domprobst can be traced back to the fact that the interest income from the best vineyards was paid to the “Probst” of Trierer cathedral, who of course only choosed the best sites. The Graacher Domprobst has a slope of up to 70% with an optimal south-west orientation. The topography protects the vineyards from wind and frost and enables a very long ripening period.

The deep, slate soil dominated by clay minerals, together with the microclimatic conditions, enables the creation offinest fruit flavors and minerality. In combination with fine fruit acid, there is an incredible pleasure experience.

We use the grapes of the Domprobst to produce premium wines. In the dry wine sector, we recommend our Großes Gewächs, which must meet the strict criteria of the Bernkasteler Ring with regard to the quality of the grapes. In the noble sweet sector, the Auslese *** captivates with its distinctive fruit aroma and sweetness paired with fine acidity. The older vintages impress with their finesse and maturity, without showing any unpleasant aging marks.
— 5 months ago

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