Château De La Bonneliere

Domaine La Bonneliere

Saumur Tradition Cabernet Franc Rosé 2017

Nose has dried raspberry, orange zest, sliced Clementine orange and moist limestone/chalk.

Palate has dried orange slice, dried raspberry, partially-dried cherry with medium acidity and finish. This bottle appears to be in decline.

Getting close to being out of stock on this vintage, but it's been a good run for only $14!
— 2 months ago

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Marc Plouzeau

Chateau De La Bonneliere Chinon Cabernet Franc

Classic Chinon: Wet dog fur (brettanomyces) and fresh-cut green bell peppers (pyrazines). Finishes tart and dry. "You drink it and you squint. It's not fun. Needs food." - Tim Gaiser.

I agree except for the part about it not being fun :)
— 5 years ago

Château de la Bonneliere

Les Devants de la Bonnelière Sauvignon 2018

Pale gold, a juicy green apple attack gives way to a lemon-lime finish. Breathtaking acidity. Sneaky good #weygandtwines — 3 months ago

Domaine La Bonneliere

Saumur- Tradition 2017

Would buy again - farm & coast — 5 months ago

Domaine La Bonneliere

Tradition Saumur-Champigny Cabernet Franc 2016

@Meg Herring '16 CF, again sorry for no notes. — 3 years ago

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Château de la Bonneliere

Les Cornuelles Chinon Cabernet Franc 2011

I'm a sucker for wines that have chalkiness and length. — 5 years ago

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Château de la Bonneliere

Rive Gauche Chinon Chenin Blanc

love this Chinon, will buy again — 3 months ago

Château de la Bonneliere

La Roche Rive Gauche Chinon Cabernet Franc 2019


Pinkish orange in color. Just wish I could sit outside and not freeze my ass off!! — 3 months ago

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Domaine La Bonneliere

Tradition Saumur Chenin Blanc 2016

Chenin Blanc, yum-yum. — 3 years ago

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Severn Goodwin

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@Meg Herring Blanc, sorry for really no notes.
Meg Herring

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Typically my first thoughts for Chenin are also “yum yum” lol