Cardenal Mendoza

Solera Gran Reserva Brandy

Suppose you dissolved Werthers candies in bourbon then added a dash of coffee and...made it somehow richer without being cloying. It’s the alchemy of fractional blending in solera of used Sherry barrels sweet babies. I love Sherry de Jerez, it is great fun. It goes the distance. — a month ago

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Precision Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Rich and full of blackberries. A slight chocolate brandy note. Would drink again — a month ago

St. Rémy Authentic

XO Brandy

Extra old. Very good. — 2 months ago


Brandy di Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese 2011

Unbelievable smooth taste perfect age! 2011 Yes!
— 2 months ago

Lanna Berkun
with Lanna


cherry brandy

Višnjevača cherry brandy. Gift from my parents trip to Croatia. Very syrupy sweet alone (almost like an ice wine.) I made a cocktail with lemon juice, cherry brandy and sparkling water and it was perfect — a month ago

Mary Taylor Wine

Valençay Rouge Gamay Blend 2011

Really delicious blend. Tart fruit flavor and slight brandy notes! Mmm — 14 days ago

Nina Wexelblatt
with Nina

Clos des Papes

Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhône Blend 1998

Alright here we go. This was smashing with broiled flatirons. Rustic, soulful, mature and drinking great. Soaked prune, date, roasted red fruit. Its very meaty, grilled beef, leather, brandy, cloves, licorice, Ceylon cinnamon, allspice, some cooling elements there. Fine grained tannin, complex on its departure, great length. — a month ago

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Bénédictine S.A.

D.O.M (Deo Optimo Maximo) B&B French Brandy and Bénédictine Liqueur

So I know this is kind of old fashion and hardly anybody drinks anymore but I love it. Whether going and coffee or hot chocolate or anything like that this is something that mixes very well and adds wonderful depth and flavor two drinks. It works straight, but it just seems to present its body and character better in the presence of other flavors. — a day ago


10 Years Potstill Brandy 2018

This is a very good brandy indeed. Martell XO loses to this brandy in all respects. — 2 months ago

Camille Loye

Cuvée Saint Paul Arbois Chardonnay 1983

Was unsure about this cause it had some bad reviews but decided to try anyway because I like Jura wines and think it’s an underrated region. I can see why people didn’t like it but I did my best to appreciate its uniqueness. Deep orange-y brass color, thick oily legs. Honeycomb, cocoa butter, soy sauce, orange blossom, shredded coconut, grilled banana on the nose, kinda smells like a brandy or a light sherry. Sharp liquor-like palate that also reminds me a little of brandy, with similar tasting notes - fairly well balanced soy-saltiness, syrupy-sweetness, woody acidity with notes of honeysuckle, lavender, creamy cocoa butter, and stiff alcohol. My husband says it reminds him of some dry orange wines, and it is indeed pretty orange. Unique and interesting to try but don’t think I’ll get another. — a month ago