Akra Chryssos

Santorini Dry White Wine 2019

This was bangin! Lots of saltiness. And hints of honey. Not as crisp and lemony as most Assyrtiko wines. Lots more depth and intricacies. 80% Assyrtiko, 10% Aidani, and 10% Athiri — 3 months ago

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Santo Wines

Nykteri Assyrtiko Athiri

I need to travel to Santorini, Greece, again! — 4 years ago

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Joshua Fisher

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Gaia (Gaia's Estate)

Vinsanto Santorini Assyrtiko 2005

Made from sun dried Assyrtiko grapes, aged in old French oak casks for over a decade. The wine is riddled with volatile acidity, not surprising considering the production methods - and while that overwhelms the nose, it adds so much ethereal brightness to the palate. Prunes, lemon extract, fig, molasses, sweet medicinal herbs, wintergreen, quinine, pine sap, and dried flowers. Viscous, yet focused and expansive. 90% Assyrtiko, 5% Aidani, 5% Athiri.
— 4 years ago

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Santo Winery

Aspa Volcanic Terroir Assyrtiko Blend 2018

Lovely wine with a little decant and served closer to room temp — a year ago

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Domaine Sigalas

Santorini Assyrtiko/Athiri 2017

Nice mineralogy, slight saltiness and brine. Lovely with lunch at Neptune Oyster. — 4 years ago

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Vinsanto Santorini 4 Years Barrel Aged Assyrtiko 2008

Outstanding, this wine has so much more than simply being sweet. Piney and resinous, it fluctuates between flavors of sugar dusted dried apricots, candied lemons, marzipan, and honeycomb with pine sap, pollen, chaparral, white balsamic, mint and blanched herbs adding a more savory complexity. Unctuous and long. 80% Assyrtiko, 10% Aidani, 10% Athiri.
— 4 years ago

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Tsantali Vineyards & Wineries

Agioritiko Abaton Mount Athos Athiri Assyrtiko 2018

Very unique Greek wine, very hard to describe the nose with a nuttiness — a year ago


Nykteri Santorini Assyrtiko

Assyrtiko, Athiri and Aidani, en route to Antipaxos. — 4 years ago

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Artemis Karamolegos

Nykteri Assyrtiko Blend

Crisp with a bit touch of oak, excellent. — 4 years ago

Santo Winery

Aspa Assyrtiko 2015

A beautifully soft, inviting expression of Santorini, this blend of the island's three core white grape varieties gains further polish through its ageing in French oak barrels. Salty with a long, nervy finish - it imitates so much of the island in its sea spray, oyster shell, pressed wildflowers, green olives, and ripe pear skin tones. Fresh and absolutelylovely. 75% Assyrtiko, 15% Athiri and 10% Aïdani. — 4 years ago

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