A. Nollen Erben

Weingut Karl Haubs - Barzen Erben

Bernkasteler Badstube Kabinett Riesling 1998

Drinking up my stock of these as the previous bottles were past their prime. But my final one goes out with life still in it! Apple, pear, ripe and juicy lemon, maybe even a little pineapple on the long finish. — a month ago

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Dawn Emory

Dawn Emory

@Kai Wright Sounds amazingly delicious @
Kai Wright

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It restored confidence in my cellared Mosels @Dawn Emory

Wwe. Dr. H. Thanisch (Erben-Thanisch)

Berncasteler Doctor Spätlese Riesling 2014

Absolutely stunning Riesling - medium sweet and dense texture. Pronounced nose of saffron, honey, citrus and just a kiss of petrol. All echoed on.the palate with dazzling intensity and texture. Superior quality and great acid balance — 4 months ago

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Joh. Jos. Christoffel Erben

Ürziger Würzgarten Auslese Riesling** 2002

A beautiful Auslese, if a bit lacking in the acidity that is more evident in the 01. Probably timeless, but drinking very well now. — 7 months ago

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Weingut Karl Haubs - Barzen Erben

Zeltinger Himmelreich Auslese Riesling 1994

Took a minute to figure this one out. First dabble in aged Riesling. — 2 months ago

Weingut Karl Haubs - Barzen Erben

Bernkasteler Alte Badstube Auslese Riesling 1993

This was really surprising. The acidity was a bit low, but it wasn’t oxidized at all, and still had plenty of fruit, albeit aged. But it also had a finish of citrus I definitely wouldn’t have expected. — 3 months ago

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Weingut Karl Haubs - Barzen Erben

Bernkasteler Graben Kabinett Riesling 1998

Hot damn I love aged Riesling. This one might have been a year or so past it’s tip top best but my friend who knows nada about wine tasted it and said “whoa this is a whole meal” which is to say it is wildly apple, honeysuckle, arugula and...feta cheese? So much feta we even got some out of the fridge to taste test. Loved this. Wish I had more. Love Riesling. Get in. — 6 months ago

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Wwe. Dr. H. Thanisch (Erben-Thanisch)

Kabinett Riesling 2012

In a blind you would think this was a spatlese. Super sweet, zero dryness and minerality. Cherry, citrus, and honey. Nicely done. — 2 months ago

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Wwe. Dr. H. Thanisch (Erben-Thanisch)

Mosel Riesling 2015

Brian Thompson

Bright and easy to drink with zippy acidity and aromas of tart apples, petrol and fall spices. A lovely pairing with a summertime salad. — 3 months ago

Weingut Karl Haubs - Barzen Erben

Zeltinger Himmelreich Kabinett Riesling 1999

Such an interesting wine. A lot of cave-like funk, with just a hint of sweet residual sugar. Low alcohol...drank the whole bottle! — 5 months ago

Wwe. Dr. H. Thanisch

Erben Müller-Burggraef Riesling

Very nice Riesling with New Years Dinner crisp And a little tart ! — 9 months ago