Weingut Jürgen Leiner

Weingut Jürgen Leiner

Handwerk Trocken Chardonnay

Goosberry, cream. Great sophisticated yet approchable wine fine for the springtime. — 2 months ago

Carmen hillebrand
with Carmen

Jürgen von der Mark

Out in the Fields Spätburgunder 2014

Lyle Fass

Stunning nose. Allspice, tart red fruits, cranberry, cardamom, clove, very Xmas vibes. Gorgeous earthy sweet spice as well. Palate is terrific. So elegant, sweet and intense yet nimble. Incredibly precise fruit (mid season cherry, sweet strawberry and a hint of black cherry) and terrific freshness, energy and cut. So pure and sappy. But remains nimble and svelte. Velvety tannins and high acids make this a Pinot geek’s dream. Such a good slowly building finish. Tremendous balance and awesome purity. — a year ago

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Jürgen von der Mark


Smell has a touch of lime, petroleum and mothballs, it stays in the taste that had a nice acidity, wine from old vines, complex, nice and interesting, very good for this price. — a year ago

Weingut von der Mark

Engerstein Pinot Noir 2018

Lyle Fass

Dynamite wine. Smells like VR. Violets, black cherries, wet moss, lipstick like intensify with the most clear fruit one can imagine. Baden 18 Pinot is siiiick. Gorgeous minerals. Just such a complete nose. Palate is super fresh and so complex. Very pure and very clean. Awesome freshness, acidity and structure. Long finish. Explosive. Super long. Man did Jürgen nail 2018. Balanced and so so pure. Insane complexity on the finish. — 3 months ago

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Jürgen von der Mark

Suis Je Gentille Ainsi? Pinot Noir 2015

Lyle Fass

What a color. Nose of just the most insane spice ever. Cardamon, clove, tar, burnt wood shavings, smells like Xmas outside walking in a small European village. Cherry, cranberry. Just dizzying aromas. Potted soil and some hints of mulch as well. Palate is elegant and loaded with sweet tangy and textured fruit. So nimble. The level of nimbleness is terrific. So sappy and pure. Insane inner mouth aromas and lovely complexity and depth. Really long finish and such finesse. So much flavor and intensity but all presented on a nice silk string. The finesse here along with the high quality silky tannins are something else. Amazing balance. Sick freshness and his sweetness is the closest to real fruit sweetness I’ve ever had in German Pinot. A brilliant offering. 9.4 for now. But JVDM’s wines really evolve with air. — a year ago

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Weingut Jürgen Leiner

Ilbesheimer Kalmit Trocken Pfalz Spätburgunder 2016

Delicious!! Spicy and floral, drank w mom and dad and Sudanese food — 2 years ago


Pfalz Riesling

The fragrance is vegetal, the taste develops with every sip. Tastes like citrus, fresh honeydew mixed with grassy notes. SO GOOD. Vintage 2015 — 5 months ago

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Weingut Jürgen Hofmann

Fritz Müller Perlwein Trocken Müller-Thurgau

Date drank: October 2017
Year: NV
Producer: Fritz Muller
Grape: Muller Thurgau
Region: ?
Distributor/Importer: Rudi Wiest - Cellars International
Natty: no
Tasting Notes: Nice sparkling white. TROCKEN = dry. Light bubbly, clean finish. Some fruit. Peachy and citrus
— 7 months ago

Weingut Jürgen Leiner

Handwerk Trocken Riesling 2017

Bright citrus and tropical fruit. Mineral driven finish. — a year ago

Jürgen Ellwanger

Hebsacker Berg GG trocken Lemberger 2016

Noch etwas verschlossen, gewinnt mit Luft unheimlich Tiefe, sehr elegant, wird noch zulegen (hat er am zweiten Abend auch :-) — 3 years ago

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