Trail Marker Wine Co.

Trail Marker Wine Co.

Quink Vineyard Mount Eden Clone Chardonnay 2018

Coming in a bit flabby, short on acid, vs the rest of the lineup. Good lemon confit on the nose, still a well-made wine, just doesn’t shine — a month ago

Trail Marker Wine Co.

Bartolomei Vineyard Rosé of Carignan 2018

Very nice rosé — 3 years ago

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Trail Marker Wine Co.

Mokelumne Glen Lodi Blaufränkisch 2019

Delicious Blaufrankisch! Lots of fruit, low acid, but layered and delicious. Great example of the varietal. Another in the W column for Trail Marker! — 4 months ago

Heather Dillaway
with Heather
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Crooked Can Brewing Co.

Purple Cow

One of my favorite breweries in the south. I know, I know, Sweetwater in Atlanta’s great and all, but Crooked Can outta Orlando is something else.

Their seasonal Oktoberfest pictured on the right hits all the right Autumn notes.

Purple Cow to the left of that has got nice açaí, blueberry, and licorice notes.

Down the line, the Pia Kawa is a perfect tart pineapple sipper.

Finally, the Mellow Step, probably the favorite of the flight, has got the perfect amount of hops balanced with a saltwater taffy mango afternote.

10 mile bike ride and flights on the West Orange Trail. Chill.
— 2 years ago

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Ithaca Beer Co.

Green Trail IPA

Terrific, very hoppy IPA. — 5 years ago

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Trail Marker Wine Co.

Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir 2019

Surprisingly refined and restrained expression of Pinot noir. Paired with polenta and chicken not too overly seasoned to hide the subtlety of the wine. — 4 months ago

Mission Trail Cider Co.

Ranch House Perry

Really great perry. — a year ago

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Trail Marker Wine Co.

Mokelumne Glen Lodi Zweigelt 2018

Whole cluster, unfiltered, funky goodness! High acid with heavy notes of underripe strawberries and cherries. Drew Huffine’s latest project. 11.9% abv! — 3 years ago

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Mission Trail Cider Co.

Pluot Le Cru California Pluot 2016

Mission Trail killin' it. This stuff is crazy delicious. $24. — 5 years ago

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