South Eastern, Australia

Dark Corner

Durif Shiraz

Bold flavors. Tart middle with a smooth finish. Great with strong cheese or on its own. — 2 hours ago


Henry's Seven Barossa Red Blend 2012

Brief notes at the Filipino dinner at the Downs Club. Red and black fruits of cherry and fading raspberry with a little spice. A disconcerting whiff of wet tea towel which did not effect the palate. — 11 days ago

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Bin 128 Coonawarra Shiraz 1998

See previous note in April this year when we had lunch at Penfolds HQ at Magill Estate Adelaide. I bought 2 bottles after the experience of having one at lunch. Perfectly mature from Penfolds Cellars. This had savoury meaty pan juices amongst the Choc Malt Plum DNA of many Penfolds reds. Even though from Coonawarra - much cooler than Barossa - this was ripe from the 1998 vintage and had a pruney note. This gives one the idea of the longevity of all Penfolds Cuvées. Simply amazing at 23 years and could go on for 5 plus more years. Will keep the last one for several more years if I have the willpower. — 3 days ago

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Barossa Command Single Vineyard Shiraz 2014

An excellent wine brought to the Cairns BYO Indian Restaurant. No formal notes. A typically delicious rich Barossa Shiraz made from old vine fruit showing ripe plum, chocolate, licorice and supple persistent tannins. A long future ahead. — 23 days ago

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Gibson Wines

Australian Old Vine Collection Barossa Shiraz 2005

This was a blast from the old Grateful Palate days; one of those producers, in that somewhat infamous book, that flew under the radar. Rob Gibson, a self described “dirt man”, made his name at Penfolds where he spent over two decades, which culminated with him leading the viticultural team that identified the best Shiraz for Grange. With his experience and knowledge, he has a knack for knowing where all the best sites are and it’s from these vines that his Old Vine Collection are made. This particular bottling uses fruit from some of the oldest Shiraz vines in Australia, planted in the 1860’s. Heck, even the “young” vines were planted in 1910! It’s almost needless to say that annual production is minuscule with only about 6 barrels made each year.

Popped and poured; consumed over two hours. The wine pours a deep ruby with medium+ viscosity and loads of sediment. On the nose, medium+ intensity with soft blue fruits, purple flowers, black pepper, sweet pipe tobacco, bacon fat, baking spices, and just a touch of eucalyptus. On the palate, there’s a bounty of blue and red fruits, some of them dried. There’s also blueberry pie, leather, tobacco, and baking spice. Tannin comes across medium and well integrated at this point. The acid is medium+ and gives the fruit the freshness and lift it needs. The finish is long, rich and velvety in texture. This is what I want out of an Australian Shiraz. I have two more bottles that I’m in no particular rush to drink but these are fabulous now and should be for at least another 5-10 years.
— 12 days ago

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Jay Kline

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@Peter Sultan sup! The food was a mix of protein. We had steak and pork chops IIRC. As for the no decant, that was more a function of circumstances and timing. I brought the bottle to someone else’s house and with dinner approaching and the wine smelling and tasting good on the pop and pour, I decided to just roll with it. That being said, it could be worth decanting and I would certainly consider in the future.
Peter Sultan

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It’s always refreshing to hear less precious handling of great wine— & man, that’s some great wine@Jay Kline !
Jay Kline

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@Peter Sultan i mean, at the end of the day, the purpose of wine is to enhance an experience and this did an outstanding job without pomp and circumstance. Yet, the juice rose to the occasion.


The Octavius Barossa Old Vine Shiraz 2008

The first of 3 Yalumba Octavius Shiraz brought to the Cairns BYO Indian restaurant. No formal notes but you could use the notes for the just posted Elderton Command. The other 2 Octavius drunk on the night were 2015 and 2016 which were excellent but way too young. — 23 days ago

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Private Bin Merlot 2020

Very nice black fruit flavours worth a try. — 5 days ago

Banrock Station

Pink Moscato 1995

Kept 2 bottles, must have been good — 4 days ago

Jacob's Creek/Orlando

Moscato 2019

It's a moscato so....yes — 3 days ago


St. Henri Shiraz 2008

Annual Boys Trip away - this time to Cairns. My contribution to the BYO Dinner at an Indian Restaurant. No formal notes but these are so long living even at 13 years, and first of 6, this is considered as young. Plums and herbs. One of my favourite Penfolds Cuvées because of its lack of new oak - 90% fruit driven. Excellent with a long future. — 23 days ago

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Jamie Lauder

Jamie Lauder

Bob….you are living the good life.
Enjoy the the times with the boys.
The wines look great.
Bob McDonald

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Thanks Jamie. This was an Annual trip to watch the Bledisloe Cup Rugby between Australia and NZ in Sydney Melbourne or Auckland. Can’t go to any of these places currently so went to Cairns for the Cairns Cup horse racing, wining and dining and a cruise in a sloop on Sunday morning. Brilliant weather.