Mizzica Moscato di Noto

Definitely not moscato di asti! Not sweet (at all). Wonderful zing—not quite lemonade acidity but it is high. Would drink outside in the sunshine next time. — 4 months ago


Sciavè Eloro Nero d'Avola 2017

Here’s a Nero d’Avola wine hailing from the Eloro appellation on the southern end of the Island of Sicily, just off the “toe” of mainland Italy.

It was produced by Cantina Riofavara, a family-run estate (by the Padovas), employing natural and organic practices in the vineyard, with a keen focus on cultivating native Sicilian varieties, such as Nero d’Avola.

Nero d’Avola (aka Calabrese) is a prized black variety, and among the most planted, on the island; as a late-ripening grape, it thrives in hot, sunny environments, such as Eloro, allowing it to reach complete, juicy maturity by harvest time.

Following the primary fermentation of this wine, Riofavara matured it for an additional 14 months in oak barriques (smaller barrels), followed by 4 months in bottle (left unfiltered) before release, helping to soften the tannins and integrate the constituent parts of this wine.

The result? A gloriously deep ruby wine with plush notes of black cherry, black raspberry, plum, pomegranate, violet, desiccated rose, black licorice, star anise, nutmeg, vanilla, clove, sweet tobacco, pencil shavings, and wet earth, on the nose and palate. It has lively acidity, medium alcohol (13.5% ABV), and chewy tannins.

This wine is nuanced, multi-faceted, and brings a fine balance of plentiful fruity, earthy, and spicy qualities, which complement the medium (+) and textured tannins. The finish lingers.

It transports us to the southern tip of Sicily, where we can feel the radiant sunshine on our faces; that which gives life to the surroundings… Cheers to delicious wines that offer a sense of place!
— 6 months ago

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Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

I wish I could hold a bottle with my toes like you,


@Paul T- Huntington Beach It’s a special talent 😅😂


Extra Brut White Blend

What a wonderful surprise of a sparkling wine to open our summer dinner party. Exquisitely balanced with minerality and just the right notes to start opening the palette. — 4 months ago

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'Nsajar' Terre Siciliane IGT White Blend

Alex Lallos

Super unique super fun. Bright but textured. Such a different wine! — 8 months ago

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Marzaiolo Terre Siciliane White Blend 2015

Honeyed pears and floral notes on the nose, a slight grassy bitterness on the palate joins, almost like a hint of asparagus. Quite nice, not sure why ratings here are so low! — 7 years ago


Notissimo Moscato di Noto 2013

2013 vintage — 9 years ago

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Spaccaforno Eloro Nero d'Avola 2019

Murky, gritty, volcanic material, heavy on limestone and sour dark berry. Smells like warm smothered cedar between a pair of palms, sour blackberry, and anise. Mouth chock full of chalk and a screeching halt. — 5 months ago

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Spumante Metodo Classico Extra Brut Moscato di Noto

Jeremy Shanker

Easily my new favorite sparkling wine. Need to get more of this! — 3 years ago

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Eloro Nero d'Avola 2012

Perfect for a weeknight pizza. — 7 years ago

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San Basilio Nero d'Avola

Beautiful tannin structure, soft, powdery and drying. — 9 years ago