Domaine Louis Moreau

Les Clos Chablis Grand Cru Chardonnay 2017

Ron R

My new find. Really enjoying the burg GC’s at the moment. No need to spend a kings ransom for excellence, either.
Refer to my prior notes.
— 2 months ago

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Willamette Valley Albariño

Searing acids. Wow. Hard not to take another sip. Very good — 2 years ago

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Rouge Valley Red Blend

Spicy and jammy. Very nice with couscous. 2015 — 3 years ago

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Myriad Cellars

McGah Family Vineyard Sémillon 2018

Ron R

Anne-Marie rated this 92, I gave it 90, so we split the difference. Notes of guava and white melon on the nose. Delicate notes of passion fruit and honeysuckle on the palate. Inoffensive, but lacks a little character and complexity. Having said that, it doesn’t cost a king’s ransom, so, net net, it’s a buy. We purchased this on allocation, so, very pleased with the outcome
Stop Press: That’s my tuna tartare in the foreground...
— 4 years ago

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Dawn E.

Dawn E.

@Ron R Looks fantastic! Cheers!
Ron R

Ron R Influencer Badge Premium Badge

Thanks guys and gals. I love making this dish, as it has such a visual appeal. Although the sauce is the most difficult element. But I crushed that, too. There’s no way my wife is divorcing me anytime soon! 🙂
Dick Schinkel

Dick Schinkel

Lovely Pairing 😋

Hartford Court

Far Coast Vineyard Chardonnay 2015

Ron R

Another cellar experiment of ours. This is showing very well at this stage in its evolution. A hazelnut, nutmeg, brine-like nose gives way to a medium bodied, full-throttle palate. Dense and opulent, this is fruit-forward with pineapples and nectarines. Excellent now, and will stay this way for at least another 3 years, easily.
I was discussing with my wife how I’ve decided to return to my moderate wine roots. I’ve grown weary of spending a “kings ransom” on bottles, and for what exactly?
Ultra expensive wines are becoming like fritterware software, which draws in people like us, with a very disproportionately low gain in tasting experience, relative to cost. This cost me $25 a few years back, and I’ve now decided to drink more frugally. Yes, I have a few “trophy” bottles to get thru, but I’m not wasting any more of my hard-earned on penis extensions.
What are your views in this space (and I don’t mean views on PE’s).
— 9 months ago

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When I was in the wine biz I was always really excited to find a lower priced wine that over-delivered. Finding those gems makes our habit much more tolerable
Ron R

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@Daniel Bloom, thank you for those words. My intent is to inject a little levity into this lofty space that we have decided to occupy.
Daniel Bloom

Daniel Bloom

@Ron R Gracias, and back at you sir.

Cloudy Bay

Te Koko Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Ron R

So good, so exotic. One of the best down-under SB’s in our book. Doesn’t cost a king’s ransom, either. Our prior notes apply. — 3 years ago

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Hugh O'Riordan

Hugh O'Riordan

Kaye and I spent 6 weeks in NZ about 5 years ago. Started out February 1. I was birdwatching but did consult Parker for wineries. I went to about 10 wineries on the north side of the South Island. Nice but not trophies like Napa. It was really fun . Good restaurants too. Kaye found good breweries. Queens town is very pretty and fancy . I think that’s the ski place. NZ is a lot like Oregon with a wet and dry side. The fjords are beautiful. There’s a reR parrot there . I gotta say it rained for 2 days there non stop. I never say rain like that before. ( I am from Tucson) . I didn’t see the parrot either! Aukland has a good wine store I can’t remember name. I brought reds home. If you can fly directly to Auckland . The flight from Sydney to Auckland is about 1,500miles. Hugh 🍷
Ron R

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Hugh, thanks for the tips and insights! I’ll send you notes when we get there...
David T

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The biggest producer of wine in NZ and everyone else is a very distant second.

Sine Qua Non

Poker Face Syrah 2004

Syrah on another logical level. A pure barnstormer. Never tasted a Syrah like this before! Very atypical for the varietal. Perfectly weighted, and so compact. Sandalwood interplay’s with dark chocolate, blueberries and cinnamon.
WNH NY 2021. I think
@Bill Bender coughed up the king’s ransom for this gem. Can’t thank you enuf, Bill!
— a year ago

David LDiana LJoe Lucca
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David L

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This was a treat said the least. I’ve been blessed enough to have had this a few times. One of if not my favorite SQN of all time. Thank you again for bringing it @Bill Bender
Bill Bender

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You are welcome @David L @Ron R SQN and pizza is a tough pairing to beat
Ron R

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When can o storm your cellar, @Bill Bender? Don’t be holding out on yer boy now!!!


Cattrall Vineyard Pinot Noir

Really great May entry for Craft & Barrel’s wine club! Light, citrusy, nice minerality. Reminds me of NZ sauvignon blanc :) — 3 years ago

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Jigsaw Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2015

2015. Smooth and velvety for a late August evening in NYC. Pairs well with food or as a sipping wine. A winner. — 3 years ago

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Virginia King's Ransom 2016

Blackberry, cherry, raspberry, currant, blueberry, oak and hints of brett. Good structure and soft tannins. — 4 years ago

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