Noble Ridge

King's Ransom Meritage Blend

Had the 2014. Was very nice, good mix of dry and sweet. Red fruit up front. — 2 months ago

Sine Qua Non

Poker Face Syrah 2004

Syrah on another logical level. A pure barnstormer. Never tasted a Syrah like this before! Very atypical for the varietal. Perfectly weighted, and so compact. Sandalwood interplay’s with dark chocolate, blueberries and cinnamon.
WNH NY 2021. I think
@Bill Bender coughed up the king’s ransom for this gem. Can’t thank you enuf, Bill!
— 2 years ago

David LDiana LJoe Lucca
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David L

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This was a treat said the least. I’ve been blessed enough to have had this a few times. One of if not my favorite SQN of all time. Thank you again for bringing it @Bill Bender
Bill Bender

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You are welcome @David L @Ron R SQN and pizza is a tough pairing to beat
Ron R

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When can o storm your cellar, @Bill Bender? Don’t be holding out on yer boy now!!!


Reds Rouge Valley Malbec Blend 2015

Spicy and jammy. Very nice with couscous. 2015 — 4 years ago

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Domaine Louis Moreau

Les Clos Chablis Grand Cru Chardonnay 2017

Ron R

My new find. Really enjoying the burg GC’s at the moment. No need to spend a kings ransom for excellence, either.
Refer to my prior notes.
— a year ago

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Willamette Valley Albariño

Searing acids. Wow. Hard not to take another sip. Very good — 3 years ago

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Ramey Wine Cellars

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Ron R

Yes, another Napa cab.
My wife has taken me as a hostage. But my ransom isn’t too much, hence the Ramey tonight. And she’s not even here to blame for my choice.
The nose presents nice oak treatment, along with spice box. Palate shows ripe, fresh fruits, medium tannins, and moderate acidity. Great extraction, without being overly done. This is a well moderated example of the varietal.
On the 93 pt bubble...
— 3 years ago

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Cloudy Bay

Te Koko Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Ron R

So good, so exotic. One of the best down-under SB’s in our book. Doesn’t cost a king’s ransom, either. Our prior notes apply. — 4 years ago

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Hugh O'Riordan

Hugh O'Riordan

Kaye and I spent 6 weeks in NZ about 5 years ago. Started out February 1. I was birdwatching but did consult Parker for wineries. I went to about 10 wineries on the north side of the South Island. Nice but not trophies like Napa. It was really fun . Good restaurants too. Kaye found good breweries. Queens town is very pretty and fancy . I think that’s the ski place. NZ is a lot like Oregon with a wet and dry side. The fjords are beautiful. There’s a reR parrot there . I gotta say it rained for 2 days there non stop. I never say rain like that before. ( I am from Tucson) . I didn’t see the parrot either! Aukland has a good wine store I can’t remember name. I brought reds home. If you can fly directly to Auckland . The flight from Sydney to Auckland is about 1,500miles. Hugh 🍷
Ron R

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Hugh, thanks for the tips and insights! I’ll send you notes when we get there...
David T

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The biggest producer of wine in NZ and everyone else is a very distant second.

Hartford Court

Far Coast Vineyard Chardonnay 2015

Ron R

Another cellar experiment of ours. This is showing very well at this stage in its evolution. A hazelnut, nutmeg, brine-like nose gives way to a medium bodied, full-throttle palate. Dense and opulent, this is fruit-forward with pineapples and nectarines. Excellent now, and will stay this way for at least another 3 years, easily.
I was discussing with my wife how I’ve decided to return to my moderate wine roots. I’ve grown weary of spending a “kings ransom” on bottles, and for what exactly?
Ultra expensive wines are becoming like fritterware software, which draws in people like us, with a very disproportionately low gain in tasting experience, relative to cost. This cost me $25 a few years back, and I’ve now decided to drink more frugally. Yes, I have a few “trophy” bottles to get thru, but I’m not wasting any more of my hard-earned on penis extensions.
What are your views in this space (and I don’t mean views on PE’s).
— 2 years ago

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When I was in the wine biz I was always really excited to find a lower priced wine that over-delivered. Finding those gems makes our habit much more tolerable
Ron R

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@Daniel Bloom, thank you for those words. My intent is to inject a little levity into this lofty space that we have decided to occupy.
Daniel Bloom

Daniel Bloom

@Ron R Gracias, and back at you sir.


Cattrall Vineyard Pinot Noir

Really great May entry for Craft & Barrel’s wine club! Light, citrusy, nice minerality. Reminds me of NZ sauvignon blanc :) — 4 years ago

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Jigsaw Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2015

2015. Smooth and velvety for a late August evening in NYC. Pairs well with food or as a sipping wine. A winner. — 4 years ago

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