Okanagan Cider Company

Van Westen Vineyards

Verloren 2016

I always think of the word "accessible" when I think of a wine that would appeal to the masses. With that definition, this may be the least accessible wine I've ever tasted. The story of this wine is that some barrels of merlot were forgotten (lost = verloren in Dutch) and the result is a wine with 2.5 years on new French oak. As a small-batch whisky drinker, I'm always amazed at the unpredictable things wood can bring to a whisky and this is certainly the case here with this wine. We let this one breathe for a couple of hours after opening, and the oak was pervasive and in the words of my drinking partner, offensive. That said, I soldiered on and trying it at intervals over the course of a full day, I found myself liking it more and more. The ever-present oak seems to give the fruit a dried-out quality here so the black fruit is almost raisin-y. To me, the spice character is baking spice, eucalyptus, and maybe the umami of a soy sauce, but you could certainly spend hours exploring this. The tannin and wood perhaps take away from any brightness of the fruit, but we're still reminded of that black fruit on the nose of every sip. This is certainly not for everyone and the tingling tongue that I feel may in fact be for just a select few, but what this is certainly not is a shitty misintegration. For pairing, I may reach to the moistest of chocolate cake or a handful of tamari almonds to try and pull out that soy sauce note. A very interesting accident. — 13 days ago

Anita Beishuizen
with Anita

Painted Rock

Red Icon Estate Grown Malbec Blend 2015

jen gg

Waited until 2020 and this aged well. Smooth and nice when paired with tofu and great the next day with chicken! A decant is a must with this wine. — 10 days ago

Painted Rock

Estate Grown Okanagan Valley Merlot

Smooth tannins, anise, ripe red fruits and berries. This will do well in the cellar. — 10 days ago

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Reinhart Foods

Red Apple Strong Cider

Lovely cider. Dry. 100% apples - no artificial flavours or artificial ingredients.

Medium carbonation with a fresh red apple taste.

•7% ABV• October 11, 2020
— 8 days ago

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Austin Eastciders

Pineapple Cider

I can’t believe this came up! On a mission to see what’s the most random item I can find here now! 😱Not wine, but a great #Texas cider for a casual evening or #bbq with friends! It’s as good as taking a great big ol’ bite into a delicious slice of a fresh pineapple 🍍! I paired this with Laura Akin’s new Book, “Live in Love - Growing Together Through Life’s Changes,” and Brooks & Dunn 🎶! Haha, I had fun with this rating! Enjoy✨ #TEXASForever — 16 days ago

CedarCreek Estate Winery

Okanagan Valley Merlot 2017

Lovely and rich. Oaky taste. A nice comforting winter wine — 8 days ago

Little Straw Vineyards

Tapestry Signature White Blend 2018

Looks like the alcohol content has gone up since 2012 — 4 days ago

Le Vieux Pin

Ava White Rhône Blend 2013

White Rhône-style blend. Crisp acidity, medium plus body. Meyer lemon, apricot and honeysuckle notes on the palette. Fantastic balance and elegance to this wine. Well done for a Canadian blend of Marsanne, Rousanne and Viognier!! Love this winery! — 7 days ago

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Covert Farms Family Estate

MDC Okanagan Valley Red Blend 2016

Solid mouth feel- dark berries- continued to open up as dinner progressed - very well done - could rest for a number of years — 4 days ago

Tyler Gobberdiel
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Blasted Church

OMG Okanagan Valley VQA 2015

Exactly what a sparkling wine should be, this is champagne without the price and all the unnecessary stuff that comes with that name.
A great sparkling white
— 4 months ago