Oaxaca, Mexico

400 Conejos

Reposado Espadin Agave


#mezcal #agave #reposado #espadin — 6 days ago

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Mezcal Tosba

A. Angustifolia (Espadín)

Tosba Espadin - predictable but enjoyable. — a month ago

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Casa de Piedra

Vino de Piedra Tinto Cabernet Sauvignon Tempranillo 2014

Amazing wine hints of tobacco. Dense- a bit of cherry. Thank you @garzablanca! — 5 days ago

Don Julio

Real Añejo Tequila de Agave

Very nice. Hits me with a lot of caramel. — 6 days ago

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Drinks and Beverages International

Granada-Vallet Bitter Pomegranate Liqueur

Joe Carroll

Mexican Campari — 5 days ago

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Como Vino Al Mundo Tecate Rosa

Very good, Mexican Lucha Underground good. I really like this. I see where others are getting grilled watermelon, lots of distinct flavors here. — 17 days ago

Gruet Winery

Méthode Champenoise Blanc de Noirs

Don’t miss this wine: and don’t be a snob about New Mexico! This is a precise and focused wine, with crisp fruit, a tight mousse and a refreshing acidity that makes it great for food. Don’t expect a big toasty profile; this one is lean and bright. Delightful! — 3 days ago

Banhez Mezcal

Jabali Joven Maguey

Ginger and citrus with a light mouthfeel and smooth finish - no hint of smoke …which is unusual for a mezcal — a month ago

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Nación de las Verdes Matas

Familia Simental Amormata

Not sure it picked up the right name on the app - An unregistered mezcal from Nueva Leon - punchy, with smoky flavors and a bourbon like finish! Excellente! — a month ago

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La Redonda

Queretaro Syrah

Super earth on the nose with hints of vanilla, graphite, and eucalyptus. Medium/full body with a good balance of tannins, fruit, and acid. Plum, boisenberry, allspice, and a bit heavy on the oak on the palate. But very enjoyable. — 24 days ago

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