North East, Victoria

Chambers Rosewood

Rutherglen Muscadelle 1858

A friend is moving to Australia so I wanted to introduce him to Chambers Rosewood. — 5 days ago

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Bob McDonald

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Rutherglen Fortifieds - one of Australia’s gifts to the World of Wine.


Ingénue Beechworth Viognier 2019

Buttery, clean, delicious — a month ago


Un Segreto Sangiovese Syrah 2005

Spectacular! The Sangiovese complements the Shiraz perfectly. Meaty, Smokey, savory and luscious. Fantastic! — 2 months ago

Chambers Rosewood

Rutherglen Muscat

Intro #2 This is rich and unctuous. I love this style. — 5 days ago

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Bob McDonald

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Great in winter. I just bought a mixed 6 pack of “Classic “ from Stanton & Killeen in 500 ml. 3 x Topaque and 3 x Muscat.


East Coast Pinot Gris 2021

Liquorland $10 very tasty easy to drink, little sweet, — 3 days ago

Dalz Otto

King Valley Nebbiolo 2015

Very peppery, medium bodied red. — 2 months ago


La Chiave Beechworth Sangiovese 2010

Absolutely gorgeous. Phenomenal rich luscious fruit and voluptuous tannin. Would not pick it blind as Sangiovese. — 3 months ago

Gino and Peter Corsini

La Cantina Barbera 2018

Jodi M

Absolutely delightful — a month ago

Golden Ball

Gallice Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2016

Friend house warming. Recent discovery of cabernet blend in beechworth is pretty good. Vanilla and chalky mineral. Abit of white paper feel. there is also some blue fruit and floral taste like pomerol. Quite smooth and elegant but still got some background bitter taste. Plum sweet — a month ago

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Ocean Eight

Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir 2016

At East Bay Nasty Women Pinot Noir tasting. This might have been my favorite of the line up. I immediately, confidently (and very incorrectly) called Burgundy (Cote de Beaune) based on the texture—lithe with silky tannins that are ever so slightly rustic on the finish. Lovely purity of fruit - tart red cherry, rhubarb. Savory/herbal finish reminded me of the Sonoma Coast. At one point, the fruit ripeness would have screamed new world but with warmer and dryer recent vintages in Burgundy, that’s no longer a given.

This producer, like nearly everyone else in the world making Pinot outside of burgundy, cited Burgundy as their influence and has spent a good deal of time there, but in this case it really shows. Of course, there are likely details that make this uniquely Mornington-Penninsula-esque and I can’t pretend that I’ve had nearly enough Australian Pinots (shame on me!) to tell you what those are. This is one of the coolest growing regions in Australia, and these vines are grown in soils with a high % of sand.
Found this photo via search as I forgot to snap a bottle shot. I *think* the vintage was 2016.
— a month ago

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Need to see a legit photo, mate. We’ll let’er slide this time 😊