Mezcal Vago

Los Amantes

Joven Mezcal

From hectors house ;DC — 3 months ago

Don Mateo de la Sierra

Pechuga Joven Mezcal

Nice and smoky. Very tasty mezcal. — a year ago



Smooth, with pineapple tropical hints. Mixing with grapefruit, lime, sugar syrup and bitters. But obviously did a shot first too, just to get the lay of the land. — 3 years ago

Angeles Carreño

Mezcal Real Minero 1898

Nice sweetness up front, smoky mid-palate, hot back end. Fruit notes are evident. — 6 months ago

Angeles Carreño

Barril Mezcal Real Minero 2017

Nice! Shows the agave and has a nice finish. Bottle 170/226 batch RMB-09 age of agave 15 years — 3 years ago

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Mezcal Vago

Mexicano Mezcal 2013

Smooth. Thick Agave with such a long smooth finish. — 4 years ago

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Ilegal Mezcal

Coleccion Privada Special Edition Mezcal Joven Agave

Sort of a caramel and butterscotch nose with a wood fired, smoke filled palate.

93 points
— 10 months ago

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Rey Campero

Tepextate Joven Mezcal Agave

25 - 35 YO Agave. — 3 years ago

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San Luis Joven Mezcal

Greater fruit notes. Fig and anise. — 3 years ago

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Mezcal Joven

Complex-mez @ SG Bar Tokyo — 4 years ago