Marutake Shuzouten Brewery

Kawamura shuzouten

Gin-ginga Junmai Ginjo

namidaで。かなり飲みやすくて、甘過ぎず複雑だけど、抜ける感じ。美味しかった。 — 4 years ago


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Tsuyoshi Enoki

Hirotogawa/ Matsuzaki shuzouten/ Fukushima prefecture/ rice species: Yume-no-kaori/ polish rate: 40%/ junmaidaiginjo/
Fresh scents of apple and citrus, soft light sweet attack, good mineral and acidity, smooth palate with hint of bitterness.
— 6 years ago

Matui Shuzouten

Masuno Kotobuki Tochigi No. 14 Junmai Sake

Sake Tengoku May shipment. Had with sushi. We loved this. — 2 years ago

Abekan Shuzouten

Junmaiginjo Sake

Fixing my jet lag. Rich mineral — 5 years ago

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Yamawa brewing

Washigakuni Omachi Junmai Daiginjo Sake

Tsuyoshi Enoki

Washigakuni/ Yamawa shuzouten/ Miyagi prefecture/ Omachi/ junmaidaiginjo — 6 years ago

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Suzuki Shuzouten Hideyoshi

Flying Pegasus Daiginjo Sake

Blend of 5 to 80 years aged. — 8 years ago

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Watanabe shuzou

W Junmai Kamenoo Nama Sake

W Junmai Kamenoo Sake Watanabe Shuzouten polished 50% unpasteurised Nama sake. W ダブリュー 亀の尾50 純米無濾過生原酒 渡辺酒岐阜県. Floral with thick body, alcoholic and rooty flavour paired with sen-ryo sushi for Clau first taste in 9months. ¥2100 — 4 years ago

Saiya Shuzouten

Yuki no Bosha Junmai Ginjo

Perfectly floral junmai sake. Incredibly smooth and drinkable. — 6 years ago

Eric Nesto
with Eric
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Saiya Shuzouten

Yuki no Bosha Yamahai Junmai Sake

"Cabin in the snow" medium body creamy. Flower explosion as soon as we opened the bottle and the nose stayed for the entire meal of Hokkaido scallop, amaebi, hiramasa and steamed flower crab. (+1) — 7 years ago